International Group Travel Faculty Handbook

International Group Travel Faculty Handbook for 2015/2016 was developed by IGS and the International Center to be a central location for policies and procedures for Faculty-Led Study Abroad. Click here for the PDF of the handbook. 


Guidelines for Proposing IGS Endorsed Study Abroad Courses

New Guidelines for 2016-2017 IGS Endorsed Course Proposals:

IGS Endorsed Courses are required to bear the INT course prefix

  • INT 391: International Service Learning (1-3 credits, Pass/Fail)
  • INT 394: Special Topics in Study Abroad (3 credits, ABCDE)
    • This course will bear the Global Studies general education attribute, pending GECC approval in 2016. 
  • INT 594: Special Topics in Study Abroad (Graduate Level)

Course prefix cross lists will only be approved on a case-by-case basis. 

IGS courses need to be open to all students regardless of their major and carry no pre-requisites. 

IGS encourages interdisciplinary approaches to courses and co-lead courses. 

Additional guidelines concerning Program Leaders and Budget Proposals HERE

2016 IGS Sponsored Study Abroad Courses

CAMBODIA: International Academic Service Learning in Cambodia, May 2016 with Prof. Maureen Tippen

ENGLAND: British Performance & Design: History, Analysis & Experience in England, June 2016 with Prof. Lisa Borton and Prof. Andrew Morton 

AFRICA: Rethinking Social Development in Southern Africa: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World, July 2016 with Dr. Otrude Moyo