• Are you an international student, staff, or faculty? Or do you travel internationally?
  • Do you travel over breaks and the summer?
  • Are you interested in assisting with international recruitment and other efforts?

Become a Global Outreach Ambassador!

What is the Global Outreach Ambassador Program?

The International Center (IC) created the Global Outreach Ambassador (GOA) program of the University of Michigan-Flint to honor, support, and expand the robust and diverse international recruitment and other efforts that already take place both on and off campus.

Its goals include:

  • Connecting faculty, staff, and students to IC resources to support ongoing or future international activities
  • Providing trainings to assist GOAs to expand international reach and opportunities
  • Fostering further collaboration, networking, and innovation among UM-Flint’s GOAs who are engaged (or wish to be) in such efforts
  • Expanding and maximizing international recruitment and retention efforts
  • Recognize volunteers and stipend recipients each year for outstanding efforts at annual ceremony to acknowledge impact

What do Global Outreach Ambassadors do?

  • International Travel (Work-Related): If you travel internationally for work purposes, you can connect with the IC prior to traveling to get on-boarded with ways that GOAs can reach out to students, talk about the university, and attend student fairs or other events. If a faculty or staff member submits a brief proposal of a self-organized recruitment activity and it is approved in advanced, a $250 stipend is available for events for 4 hours or longer. For students, the stipend is for $100. Details for how to apply for a stipend are in the next section.
  • International Travel (Personal): Similarly, if you travel home over the summer or at other times of the year and wish to connect with students in-country or attend events, you could receive similar onboarding/assistance.
  • International Center events: Faculty and staff would be invited and welcome to participate in any and all IC on-campus events as well as international recruitment activities such as webinars (i.e. International Student Day virtual event), sharing about their program or another topic. We would also welcome any special presentations/lectures that we could promote to prospective international students via webinar.
  • Point-of-Contact: Sign up to be a Point-of-Contact person for specific inquiries (i.e. international students who want to talk with professors beyond the advising piece; many students want to know about on-the-ground research opportunities or working with professors, ways faculty or staff can help them network, find jobs, etc.)
  • Alum/Faculty spotlights: If GOAs are still in touch with or know of international alums and would be willing to connect them with us or provide referrals, the IC can do student spotlight pieces (and would welcome GOAs to also be a part of them). GOAs could also refer current students to us for international student ambassador positions. The IC plans to send out a quarterly newsletter on both GOAs and international alumni happenings.
  • Other: The IC welcomes feedback from you for other ways in which you believe you might be able to assist with such efforts to support GOA goals.

How do I join?

To sign up to be a Global Outreach Ambassador, please complete this form. You can indicate your availability to complete an onboarding with the coordinator or call directly to set up a meeting. Details can be found in the form.

How do I apply for a stipend?

GOAs who plan their own recruitment activity of at least 4 hours can apply for a stipend of $250 (faculty and staff) or $100 (students) to help defray costs with transportation and other logistics.

Once you have completed the onboarding process, you may submit a stipend application form with the details of your recruitment or outreach activity. If approved, the stipend will be processed after the event takes place and the post-event form is completed. Please allow up to 45 days for the funds to be deposited directly to the account you have on file with the university. Note that these funds are taxed.

For questions, please contact Kathrine Colpaert at colpaert@umflint.edu and thank you for your interest in being a Global Outreach Coordinator.

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