Establishing Exchange Programs

The International Center and Education Abroad Office are happy to support faculty in the establishment, management and renewal of international exchange agreements. 

Exchange programs is to allow students to travel abroad but remain registered on their respective home campuses, thereby paying their home in-state tuition/fees and maintaining any financial aid. In return, UM-Flint accepts an equal number of students from these partner schools. Students pay tuition at their home universities but may be required to pay for housing, meals, books, etc. at the host country. Exchange programs are ideal for students and academic departments because they allow students to study at foreign institutions while paying tuition at their home universities. Students also register for courses at their homes institutions, removing the additional work that is often associated assessing and transferring coursework of external programs. In addition, financial and scholarships can be awarded for exchange programs more easily than towards external programs.

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There are two legal levels in the exchange program development process:
  1. University Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This document is the formal contract between UM-Flint and the partner institution that outlines general plans for cooperative programs and represents a pre-contract stage of student exchange agreement. The Provost (or designee) must sign the MOU.
  2. Exchange Agreement. This document is the contract that establishes a relationship between the UM-Flint department and partner institution. It outlines implementation plans and exchange program specifics. The Exchange Agreement must be signed by the Provost (or designee) and School/College Dean. 

To learn more about steps to implement an exchange programs, view:

Guidelines For Establishing Exchange Programs

For the most part, exchange programs are initiated at the faculty/department level when mutual interest has been established with an institution and/or department abroad. Often, the International Center receives requests from institutions abroad who are seeking to establish partnerships with the University of Michigan-Flint. In such cases, those requests will be forwarded to the respective departments who can decide if they are interested in pursuing possible international collaboration opportunities. 

For more information and assistance in establishing exchange programs, please contact:

Daniel Adams
International Center, Director
Phone: 810-762-0867

Asinda Sirignano
Education Abroad Office, Coordinator
Phone: 810-762-0867