TESOL portland, oregon march, 2014

It's Okay to Have Fun in the Classroom
Jolene Jaquays and Sara Okello

Grammaring Along Using E-Resources
Sara Okello (in conjunction with Wendy Wang and Allison Piippo)

High Impact Practices, november 2013

HIP: Multiple Intelligence
Kathy Cornman and Syreeda Nix

MITESOL, michigan state university, october 2013

The Human Connection of Developing Reading Skills
Syreeda Nix, Laura Martinez, and Kathy Cornman

Teaching Grammar Using Engaging Contexts
Sara Okello, Jolene Jaquays (in conjunction with Zuzana Tomas)

Using Authentic Materials with Beginning ELL Adults/College Students in the Areas of Motivation, Interaction, and Purpose
Jolene Jaquays, Kathy Cornman, (in conjunction with Diane Deacon)

Lilly Conference, traverse city michigan, october 2013

Connecting Higher-Ed. ESL Students' Language Learning with Local Community Involvement
Kathy Cornman and Syreeda Nix