50% online + 50% on campus

120 hours

This blended certificate program prepares students to teach English to non-native speakers in the United States or internationally. This self-paced course is available during the three 14-week terms: Winter (January-April), and Spring/Summer (May-August), and Fall (September-December)

Online component - Theoretical foundation - 60 hours

Students will review the foundations of second language teaching and learning through teaching modules and assignments:

Teaching Methodologies; Task-Based Language Teaching; Teaching Receptive and Productive Skills; Learning Strategies and Assessment; Curriculum, Lesson Planning and Materials

On campus component - Practical application and teaching - 60 hours

At the ELP, students will focus on the practical application of learned methods:

Class observations; Syllabus and lesson plans design; Development of activities and assessments; Grading (30 hours)

Practice teaching (30 hours)

To apply, contact Dr. Anna A. Eddy at