Spring 2017

Zainab Alradhi

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Language(s) spoken: Arabic and English.
Program/major: Health Sciences

Zainab Alradhi is a social butterfly that you might see in almost every on-campus and art community event. She changed her major to health Sciences, focusing on Environmental safety, to expand her assistant to more people and be more creative and passionate in her future career. She is an art enthusiast and is very passionate about photography. She is in the process of writing her first book sharing some of the interesting things she had experienced in this precious time of her life.

Adedotun Ojelabi

Country: Nigeria
Language(s) spoken: English and Yoruba

Adedotun is a graduate student of Computer Science and Information systems. He serves as a Director with the Student Government and he’s also the president of African Student Association. Adedotun enjoys swimming, music and, lately, long distance driving when he isn’t busy with school and work Activities. Adedotun is a strong believer in the phrase “Help EVER, Hurt NEVER.”

Winter 2017

Nasser Alsaid

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Languages spoken: Arabic, English

Nasser Alsaid is an undergraduate students from Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. He is a Junior, and he is majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science/ Medical Technology. Besides his role as an International Student Ambassador, Nasser serves as a general board member on the Campus Activities Board, and is the social coordinator for the Saudi Club at UM-Flint.

Menusha Arumugam

Country: Malaysia

Language(s) Spoken: English, Malay

Menusha Arumugam is an undergraduate transfer student from Malaysia. She began her studies at UM-Flint in Spring 2014. She is currently a senior in the Honors program majoring in Biology. Her long term goal is to get a doctorate in Biology and becoming a research scientist. While she’s not burying her nose in a Biology book, she loves reading fiction novels and painting. Apart from her role as an International Student Ambassador, she is also the President of Student Government and an active member of First Street Block Club and the African Student Association.

Zena Elkady

Country: Egypt

Languages: Arabic, German, English

Zena Elkady is an undergraduate student from Cairo, Egypt. She is a sophomore studying Marketing and Communication in hopes to become a successful business woman in the future. Since she came to Flint in December 2013, she has been trying to cook an Egyptian dish, but only succeeded once. Zena discovered that the best way to deal with Michigan’s cold weather is to read romantic & mystery books, hang out with friends and play volleyball at the Recreation Center.  Her campus involvement includes Student Government, First Street Block Club and African Student Association. Traveling to other States made Zena appreciate the unique people in Flint and her lively small campus.

Spring/Summer 2016

Emilia Emerson

Country: United States and Mexico
Languages Spoken: Spanish, French
Program/Major: Biomedical Engineering

Emilia loves math, science and biology, which is why she chose to a Biomedical Engineering major. Her hobbies are horseback riding, gardening and playing soccer. She currently plays soccer for the UM-Flint Women’s Soccer Team. While Emilia dislikes the cold, her favorite season is autumn. Her favorite thing to do is traveling, and she loves meeting new people and getting to know them! 

Xuanrong Lu

Country: China

Language(s) Spoken: Chinese, English

Xuanrong Lu is a graduate international student from Guilin, China.  She began her studies at UM-Flint Fall 2014 and is pursuing her degree in Arts Administration.  She came to UM-Flint to meet new people from different cultures, and share her own culture and experiences on campus.  

Mohamed Mohamed

Country: Egypt.

Language(s): Arabic, English.

Program: MBA

Mohamed is a graduate student in the MBA program. He finished his bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering at Ain Shams University. Before deciding to join the MBA program at UM-Flint, he had worked for a couple of years during which he was able to become a Cisco Certified Networks Professional. Mohamed believes in and tries to apply the quote by Thomas Huxley which states that “One should try to learn one thing about everything, and try to learn everything about one thing”.

Jinal Patel

Country: India

Langue(s) spoken: Gujarati, Hindi, and English

Major/Minor: Nursing/ Healthcare Administrator

Jinal Patel is originally from Gujarat, India.  She is an undergraduate student at University of Michigan-Flint, majoring in Nursing. She is one of the Supplemental Instructor (SI) Leaders/ tutors for General Statistics (SOC 215) at Student Success Center. Additionally, she is an active volunteer with Hurley Medical Center to gain better understandings of the healthcare field. Jinal is also involved into campus activities other than academics as she is a current secretary of Indian Student Association (ISA). 

Winter 2016


Nubwa Gadzama

Country: Nigeria

Language(s) Spoken: English, French, ASL, Hausa, Merghi

Nubwa Gazdzama is an international student from Jos, Nigeria.  She began her studies at UM-Flint Fall 2012 and is majoring in Pre-Law Political Science with a minor in Communications.  She is active in UM-Flint Student Government as a Senator, African Student Association, United Student Association, and is currently Miss UM-Flint.  She came to UM-Flint for the leadership opportunities it provides and being an active student on campus.  She loves learning about different cultures and sharing her own culture with others.  


Akash Gundlapalli

Country: India

Language(s) Spoken: Telugu, Hindi and English

Akash Vamsi Vardhan Gundlapalli is a graduate student at University of Michigan-Flint, majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems. He is from Andhra Pradesh, India. He is an International Student Ambassador,  which has helped him get more involved on-campus.  Akash also works as a Graduate Student Research Assistant for Dr. Allen Bellamy Research in psychology department and a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Rahman Samsur in CSEP department. Currently, he is serves as one of the Chairs for the Indian Student Association 2015-16 board. Akash is always  interested in helping others, reaching out to new people, and engaging in events.

Winter 2015 Former Ambassadors

Ayana Ghosh

Country: India

Language(s) Spoken: Bengali, Hindi, English

Ayana Ghosh is an undergraduate international student from Chandannagar, India.  She is currently a senior in the Honors Program majoring in Physics and Abstract Mathematics.  She is writer for the Michigan Times, undergraduate research assistant, tutor, First Street Ambassador, and Chair of the Indian Student Association.  

Anqi Hu

Country: Japan

Language(s) Spoken: Japanese, Chinese, English

Anqi Hu is an undergraduate international student from Japan.  She is currently a senior majoring in Applied Psychology with a minor in Human Resources.  She came to UM-Flint to increase her knowledge of Psychology and meet new people. 

Yujin Kang

Country: South Korea

Language(s) spoken: Korean and English

Yujin Kang is a graduate international student from Seoul, Korea.  She is enrolled in Master of Arts in English Language and Literature program and began her studies at UM-Flint since Fall 2013. She is currently serving on the Student Dining Experience Committee. She came to UM-Flint to further study in English literature and meet new people.


Neelam Gire

Country: India

Language(s) Spoken: Hindi, Marati, English

Neelam Gire is an undergraduate international student from Mumbai, India.  She is a senior majoring in Applied Psychology.  She came to UM-Flint in Fall 2010 and has been involved with the International Student Organization, African student Association, Poets and Writers Society, Campus Activities Board among other things.  She came to UM-Flint due to its small campus that was part of the prestigious University of Michigan school system.  

Fall 2014 Former Ambassadors

Jameel Amoudi

Country: Saudi Arabia

Language(s) Spoken: Arabic, English

Jameel Amoudi is an undergraduate international student from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  He is majoring in Health Science with a Pre-Med track and began his studies at UM-Flint Fall 2011.  He is a member of the Saudi Club, African Student Association, Muslim Student Association, and International Student Association.  He came to UM-Flint because of the diversity and opportunities available to students.

Yu-Hsuan (Rachel) Chiu

Country: Taiwan

Language(s) Spoken: Mandarin, Chinese, Taiwanese, English

Yu-Hsuan (Rachel) Chiu is a graduate student from Taoyuan City, Taiwan.  She began her studies at UM-Flint in Fall 2013.  She is a member of the International Student Organization and also active with the Taiwanese students.

Qingchen Guo

Country: China

Language(s) Spoken: Chinese, English

Qingchen Guo is an undergraduate international student from Changsha, Hunan, China.  He is a senior in the School of Management majoring in International Business.  He came to UM-Flint in 2011 to learn how to be more independent, mature and grow his confidence.