Global Ambassador Program (GAP)

Are you interested in exploring diverse cultures? Do you want to better understand global issues? Do you wish to prepare yourself to live and work in an increasingly interdependent world? If so, then the Global Ambassador Program (GAP) may be right for you!


What is GAP?

The purpose of the Global Ambassador Program is to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. As a program geared to providing volunteer opportunities for students and faculty/staff at UM-Flint, GAP also provides an opportunity to interact with newly admitted and enrolled international students at UM-Flint. There are multiple ways you can participate, including: International Peer Mentor, Speaker's Bureau, Conversation Partner, and Study Abroad Peer Advisor. This is a great opportunity to serve as a local ambassador while gaining experience in volunteerism and public speaking. GAP is a term-long commitment.

Components of Gap
  • Speaker's Bureau
  • Conversation Partner
  • International Peer Mentor
  • Study Abroad Peer Advisor
Recognition as a Global Ambassador

You have an opportunity to be recognized as a Global Ambassador at the end of the term. To receive this recognition, you must log a minimum of 15 hours during the term.

Commitment to Service (CTS)

As a program through the Center for Civic Engagement, the Commitment to Service (CTS) program offers distinguished honors for UM-Flint students who complete and document at least 300 hours of service during their academic career at UM-Flint and submits a two-page final reflection essay prior to graduation. Students who successfully complete this program receive an honor cord to wear at graduation, a letter of recognition from the Chancellor, a transcript of submitted volunteer hours, and an award certificate. These honors help graduates build their portfolios and set themselves apart from other candidates for employment and graduate school.


Conversation Partner

The Conversation Partner Program is sponsored by the English Language Program (ELP). It pairs international students who are learning English with students, faculty, or staff members of the UM-Flint community. Participants sign an agreement to meet for 1-2 hour(s) per week on campus for informal conversation for the entire term. This program is entirely volunteer based.

Who can participate in the Conversation Partner Program?

  • Current UM-Flint students with excellent English speaking ability
  • UM-Flint faculty and staff with excellent English speaking ability

What are the goals?

  • Allow your conversation partner ample opportunity for speaking practice
  • Help conversation partner build confidence in expressing his/her thoughts and asking questions
  • Strengthen conversation partner’s discussion skills
  • Broaden conversation partner’s level of verbal expression

What is expected of a Conversation Partner?

  • Attend meetings with ELP students and be on time to partner meetings
  • Be polite, patient, and respectful
  • Represent UM-Flint appropriately
  • Have fun!


Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors are students who have returned from a study abroad experience, have deep appreciation for their cross-cultural experience and would like to encourage others to go abroad. Their anecdotes, advice, and cultural "expertise" are our best resource for prospective students. If you have told all your friends and families your study abroad stories and think that there's no one else out there who wants to hear them, think again! No matter how much information we try to provide students, what they really need is to hear what study abroad alumni have to say.

As a Peer Advisor, you may be asked to speak with prospective study abroad students, assist at program information meetings and give presentations to audiences interested in study abroad opportunities. Peer Advisors may also staff campus-wide events such as International Education Week, Welcome Week activities, and the Study Abroad Fair.

Who can be a Peer Advisor?

  • Current UM-Flint students who have had an education abroad experience

What is expected of a Peer Advisor?

  • Attend study fairs and information sessions
  • Provide visual examples of their study abroad experience
  • Answer questions students may have about a country or program
  • Represent UM-Flint appropriately
  • Have fun!

Peer Mentor

Designed to help new international students as they begin their studies at UM-Flint. Incoming international students will be paired with current UM-Flint students who guide them as they prepare for life at UM-Flint and Michigan residents. The mentoring process will begin once the new international students have been accepted to UM-Flint with an initial email and/or Facebook communication. This program is an exciting way to become acquainted with our new international students at UM-Flint and make great friends as well. The ultimate goal is the cultivation of long lasting friendships between people from all over the globe. This program is entirely volunteer-based.

Who can be a mentor?

  • Current UM-Flint students (must be at least a sophomore)
  • UM-Flint faculty & staff

What is expected of a Mentor?

  • Each volunteer will be asked to mentor prospective international student(s)
  • Communicate with your mentee(s) via email and/or Facebook before they arrive on campus
  • Answer questions your mentee(s) may have about coming to America and UM-Flint
  • Welcome and include your mentee(s) into UM-Flint life
  • Be in weekly contact with your mentee(s) after arrival on campus
  • Attend Fall and Winter social events with your mentee(s)
  • Check in with a program representative once per term
  • Represent UM-Flint appropriately
  • Have fun!

Things to do with your Mentee

  • Show them around campus
  • Checkout the Student Development Center
  • Visit the University Bookstore
  • Attend Welcome Week activities
  • Become acquainted with the local grocery store, bank, post-office, etc.
  • Got to a local coffee shop
  • Go to a movie

Speaker's Bureau

Speaker’s Bureau participants have the opportunity to spread awareness about a foreign country and share the culture by participating in speaking engagements throughout Flint at community organizations, K-12 schools, and UM-Flint classes. The Speaker’s Bureau serves the Flint and neighboring counties by connecting UM-Flint students with local community members and area schools as a free public service. Presenters use their knowledge, experiences and talents to engage audience members in interactive learning experiences designed to be grade-appropriate and to complement textbook and classroom instruction. This program is entirely volunteer-based.

Who can participate in Speaker’s Bureau?

Current UM-Flint students with a global/intercultural experience

What is expected?

  • Discuss the following topics during your presentation:
    • Geography/Religions
    • Climate
    • History
    • Government
    • Economics
    • Religion
    • Culture (music, languages, dances, sports, festivals, clothing, tourism
  • Respond to questions viewers may have
  • Engage the viewers in creative interactive ways
  • Represent UM-Flint appropriately
  • Have fun!