Fall 2016 International Ambassadors


Radhika Agarwal

Country: India and Nepal
Language(s) spoken: Hindi and Nepali

Radhika Agarwal is an undergraduate student in the Economics program at UM-Flint. With that said, she sees herself as an analyst in the future. She is currently serving as the vice-president of the Indian Student Association and works as one of the tutors for basic economic courses at the Student Success Center. She is also a volunteer at the Shop Floor Theatre Company. She loves to travel and explore new places.



Nickxit Bhardwaj

Home Country: India
Languages: Pahari, Kangri, Hindi, Urdu,Sanskrit, Punjabi, Haryanvi, English, German.

Nickxit Bhardwaj is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Sciences and taking courses in Music. He is from Palampur, Himachal Pradesh (H.P), India. Nick is an artist and loves to play music, especially flamenco guitar around downtown and adjoining areas. He likes to meet and greet new students and people in the town and help his best to make them connected with the campus community.  He is part of the diverse campus community and an active member/officer of several organizations and clubs like Theta Chi Fraternity, ISA, BSU, ACM, Immigrant U etc. UM-Flint has become another home. Michigan reminds him a lot about Himalayas back home while friends and community continue to make UM-Flint an amazing experience.



Jun Hyuk Lee

Country: South Korea
Language(s) Spoken: Korean and English
Program/Major: Nursing

Jun is an undergraduate student from South Korea. He is a senior and currently in the nursing program (BSN 46!). Prior to getting accepted to the nursing program, He served as the Vice President of the Pre-PA club. He is an active volunteer at Hurley Medical Center, where he sees many crazy trauma situations. Jun came to the U.S. in 2006, and spent seven years in Grand Rapids, one year in Tennessee, and now at UM-Flint. Jun loves meeting new people and getting to know them!