International Transfer Students

The International Center at University of Michigan-Flint helps all our international students to continue their education experience with the Michigan excellence.

The following steps will guide you through our process:

1. Apply

Apply through our common application that will require you to login to SIS(Student Information Services):


2. Transfer In form 

If you are transferring from an United States Institution, we require you to fill out a transfer in form in I-Service.

If you are transferring in from another International Institution, skip to step 3.

3. Transcripts & Credit Transfers

You can upload all your transcripts in I-Service. before you are admitted.

Note: We Require Hard Copies in order for us to do the transfer credit equivalencies.  is a great resource for students transferring to UM-Flint from another US institution.

4. English Proficiency

Transfer students from a U.S. institution must have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours at an accredited institution with completion of courses equivalent to our ENG 111 and/or ENG 112 receiving a "C" or higher.

If you are transferring from International Institution, submit your English Proficiency documents in I-Service.

For information about our accepted English Proficiency tests click here.

That’s it! Stay updated with your e-mails while our admission staff processes your application