Fenton Area Public Schools

Fenton Area Public Schools are collaborating with UM-Flint to offer high school seniors expanded dual enrollment opportunities. The DEEP initiative allows motivated students to earn college credit by taking accredited courses taught by UM-Flint faculty on-site at Fenton High School. 

DEEP Program (6 Credits)

Philosophy (PHL 101), Introduction to Philosophy, 3 credits - Humanities. Examination of some of the main questions of philosophy, how they arise, and the methods of answering them, based on the works of selected authors. Relationships between philosophical themes and other facets of cultural expression. Presentation of simpler problems in nontechnical language designed to introduce the student to philosophical inquiry. 

Anthropology (ANT 100), Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, 3 Credits - Social Science. Examination of the enormous cultural diversity within and between the world's peoples, and the political importance of this diversity today. Subsistence methods, kinship patterns, power relations, linguistic variations, cultural conflicts, and forms of inequality around the world. "Culture" as a historically dynamic process that is both creative and constantly undergoing transformation.