Lapeer Community Schools Program Offerings

Lapeer Community Schools is collaborating with the University of Michigan-Flint to offer three dual enrollment programs.  The programs that will be offered include: Business & Economics, Business & Economics Junior courses, and a STEM package (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics).


Business & Economics Program (12 credits)

2014-2015 Business & Economics Program Courses

Business (BUS) 110: Business Concepts & Careers, 3 credits.

Comprehensive overview of basic business concepts and business protocol. Foundations of general business management, human resources management, operations management, marketing, accounting, finance, and their interdependent nature. Job search techniques, writing resumes, job interviewing, establishing interpersonal relationships.

Economics (ECN) 201: Principles of Economics-Macroeconomics, 3 credits.

Introduction to the principles of economic organization and national income determination and stabilization.  Topics include inflation, unemployment, money and banking, and the economic role of government.

Business (BUS) 115, Introduction to Business Applications, 3 credits.

Focus on development of skills in the use of business technology, including spreadsheets, database management, and presentation software; financial computing; web-based business data sources and their ethical use.  

Economics (ECN) 202, Principles of Economics – Microeconomics, 3 credits.

Introduction to the economic theories of production, consumption, and exchange.  Topics include applications of supply and demand, production and cost analysis, market structure, market failure, resource markets, and regulation. 

College Humanities Program (13 credits)

2014-2015 College Humanities Program Courses

History (HIS) 114, Twentieth Century World History, 3 credits.

Survey of cultural, social, intellectual, economic, and political developments in the twentieth-century world. Special attention will be devoted to imperialism, war and violence, decolonization in the developing world, and the process and effects of globalization.

Communication (COM) 210, Introduction to Public Speaking, 3 credits. 

Students prepare and deliver speeches in class and develop skills of writing, organization, research and delivery.  Students also engage in important public issues, develop an appreciation for ethical methods to approach diverse audiences and become more comfortable speaking in public.  Students will learn skills of argumentation and persuasion in order to be better equipped to use speech as a tool to execute change.  

Art History (ARH) 112, History of Renaissance to Modern Art, 3 credits.  

Historical survey of art from the Renaissance to the Modern era.  Covers all media from the western tradition of this time period.  

Psychology (PSY) 100, Principals of Psychology, 3 credits.

Introduction to scientific study of behavior and mental processes; major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and research.  Overview of the research process; how psychological questions are generated and studied; research and theory in subfields such as neuroscience, human development, learning, memory, thinking, motivation and individual differences.  


The details of student cost are yet to be determined.  LCS hopes to reduce the cost as much as possible for families.

Schedule of Dual Enrollment Classes

DEEP courses are usually taught on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule each week. Each class session is 75-100 minutes in length. Academic tutoring is provided for students in Friday tutorial sessions during which attendance is expected. DEEP courses are taught during the regular high school academic day, approximately noon – 1:45 p.m., providing students with time to return to their home districts to participate in after-school activities. DEEP courses generally follow the UM-Flint academic calendar; in the Winter semester, classes are generally not held during the mid-winter and spring break periods for the Lapeer high schools.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Fall 2014

  • Wednesday, September 3-Fall Classes Begin
  • Tuesday, September 16 by 5pm-Drop Class with $100 Fee Adjustment
  • Friday, October 10 by 5pm-Disenrollment Deadline – Pay one-half of tuition plus fees
  • Wednesday, November 26 - Friday, November 28-No Classes (Holiday Recess)
  • Thursday, December 11-Fall Classes End
  • Monday, December 15-Friday, December 19-Final Exams (Instructor to set exam date)

Winter 2015

  • Tuesday, January 6-Winter Classes Begin
  • Monday, January 19-No Classes (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  • Tuesday, January 20 by 5pm-Drop Class with $100 Fee Adjustment
  • Friday, February 13 by 5pm-Disenrollment Deadline – Pay one-half of tuition plus fees
  • Monday, March 2-Friday, March 6-No Class (UM-Flint Spring Break)
  • Friday, April 3-Friday, April 10-No Class (LCS Spring Break)
  • Monday, April 20-Classes End
  • Thursday, April 23-Wednesday, April 20-Final Exams (Instructor to set exam date)