Utica Community Schools Program Offerings

The Utica Community Schools is collaborating with the University of Michigan-Flint to offer the Dual Enrollment Educational Partnership.  Two collaborative programs (Pre-Engineering and Medical Science) have been designed by the University of Michigan-Flint and the Utica Community Schools.  Both programs consist of four courses (two in the Fall semester, two in the Winter semester) which are taught on-site at a Utica Community Schools facility, the Magahay Elementary Site, 44700 Oleander Drive, Sterling Heights.  Students will be enrolled in all four courses offered under each program. 


Pre-Engineering Program (13 credits)

Fall Semester 2016 Courses

Engineering (EGR) 165: Computer Aided Design, 3 credits.

Computer-Aided Design using parametric design and modeling. Creation of two-and three-dimensional drawings with geometric and dimensional tolerance. Constraint- and feature-based modeling based on concepts from theoretical computer graphics and related standards. Students exiting the course have increased ability
to apply creativity along with constraint-based modeling to develop design and solution of problems. Lecture/laboratory with hands-on exercises using pro/ENGINEER software for creation of models and drawings. This course fulfills the Technology (T) General Education requirement at UM-Flint.

Computer Science (CSC) 101: Fluency with Informational Technology & Computing, 3 credits.

Development of fluency in Information Technology (IT) for productive use, designed to complement the student’s areas of study.  The relevance of IT and computing in daily life, emphasized through collaborative learning about such topics as image representations, high definition video transmission, digital voice encoding, MP3 files, identity protection for online shopping, data security in social networks, robotics, games and animation creation, virtual worlds.  Introduction to programming using non-traditional, intuitive programming environments such as smartphones and LEGO Mindstorms.

Winter Semester 2017 Courses

Engineering (EGR) 102: Introduction to Engineering, 3 credits.

Introduction to engineering problem solving using scientific and mathematical principles, concepts, methods, modeling, design and analysis. Introduction to various engineering disciplines and career opportunities in each discipline and to communicate skills, ethics and professional responsibilities, and engineering analysis tools and techniques such as computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering, etc.

Computer Science (CSC) 175: Problem Solving & Programming I, 4 credits.

Introduction to problem solving and programming principles appropriate for scientific and technical applications. Development of step-wise refinement and program decomposition methods. Programming language concepts including iteration, selection, input-output protocols, arrays, structures and subprograms. Programming language used is C++.


As part of the partnership arrangement with Utica Community Schools, UM-Flint will provide partial funding support for DEEP programs which will reduce tuition and fee costs to students/parents by 27+%.

Equally important, a portion of the per pupil state funding (foundation allowance) Utica Community Schools receives will be used to further defray tuition/fee costs for participating DEEP students. Utica school officials estimate that in 2015-2016, students participating in the full-year 13-credit DEEP program in Pre-Engineering or Medical Sciences programs will incur an approximate cost of $300 - $475. In both programs, the purchase of textbooks will be the student’s responsibility. Textbooks are projected at $400 for the year, presuming purchase of used texts or rental of texts when that option is available. Note also that DEEP students typically will reduce their high school schedules by three courses in order to accommodate the college course schedule and travel time. 

For purposes of comparison, regular tuition, fees, and textbooks for a traditional UM-Flint student enrolled in the 13-credit Pre-Engineering or Medical Sciences sequence, are estimated to total $6000 in 2015-2016.

Schedule of Dual Enrollment Classes

DEEP courses are taught on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule each week.  Each class session is 75-100 minutes in length, depending on the number of credits.  Academic tutoring is provided for students in Friday tutorial sessions during which attendance is expected.  DEEP courses are taught during the regular high school academic day, approximately noon-1:45 p.m.  DEEP courses generally follow the UM-Flint academic calendar; in the Winter semester, classes are generally not held during the mid-winter and spring break periods for the Utica high schools.