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Workshops can help strengthen your team to be a more cohesive and well-rounded team. 

  • StrengthQuest 101: Understanding Your Personal Strengths. This workshop focuses on interpreting your StrengthsQuest results and helping you develop a personal leadership plan.
  • StrengthsQuest 202: “Building a Strengths-based Team” This workshop builds on StrengthsQuest 101 and focuses on how organizations can use strengths-based initiatives and understanding to build better teams and lead successful initiatives.  
  • Essential Teambuilding:  Do you want your team to bond and become more familiar with itself?  This active workshop uses teambuilding and problem solving in order to get your group working as one high-performing unit.  NOTE: This workshop is done outdoors or in the Rec Center.    
  • Public Speaking Workshop:  Want to speak better in front of a group?  Want to communicate your message effectively?  This workshop will focus on the essentials of public speaking. 
  • Work-Life Balance for Students:  You will leave this workshop with a better sense of how to balance school, work, leadership commitments, and that thing you call a life! 
  • Ally Training: Learn ways to be supportive to the LGBT community and how to contribute to a safe campus. 

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For more information, please contact us in the Student Involvement and Leadership Office located in 361 UCEN. (810)762-3431.