Programs and Events

The LGBT Center and Women’s Educational Center are available to provide in class presentations and/or workshops for student organizations and staff.

Common topics are listed below and we can also create a presentation to meet your specific needs. Please call the LGBT Center/Women’s Educational Center or stop by the offices to arrange a presentation.

Ally 101/ Ally Building

Learn ways to be supportive to the LGBT community and how to contribute to a safe campus.

Coming Out

Learn definitions, common processes and common issues with “coming out.”

 Circles of Sexuality

Learn the concepts and terminology of this holistic sexuality model. (which includes: sensuality, intimacy, sexual orientation/gender identity,

sexual and reproductive health, sexual behaviors and practices, as well as power and agency.)

Feminism/ Gender Equity

Learn terminology and examples of sexism and patriarchy as well as feminist history.

Healthy Relationships

Learn the qualities of healthy relationships as well as signs of abuse/violence/sexual assault.

 “LGBT 101”

Learn common terminology as well as discuss homophobia/heterosexism.

 Negotiating Safer Sex

Using common scenarios and role-plays we look at ways to negotiate safe sex with a partner.