About Us

The center is dedicated to creating and sustaining a safe and inclusive campus community by providing:

  • Educational programming each semester around LGBTQA+ topics
  • “Open Door Discussions” on gender, sex, and sexuality topics
  • Informal advising related to LGBTQA+ issues, including coming out to friends and family, dealing with homophobia, etc.
  • Advocacy for students in all aspects of college life, including acting as a liaison with faculty and administration to improve students’ academic experiences
  • A source of referral

The center is a comfortable and welcoming area for all members of the campus community to utilize.

  • We have  large conference tables for studying or chatting as well as soft seating. The center is a great space to take advantage of!

We have safer sex supplies for FREE

  • External Condoms
  • Internal Condoms,
  • Dental Dams           
  • Lubrication
  • Plus Information on  STI’s, Contraceptive Methods, Pregnancy, and on Proper Usage of Safer Sex Supplies.