General Guidelines for print and non-print materials
Who May Place Material on Reserve?
The faculty member must complete a request form citing each item that is to be placed on Reserve in the library (including hard copy on shelves and digital copy online). 
How Do you Place Material on Reserve?
  • Complete and submit a “Library Reserve Slip” for each item to be placed on Reserve.  Library Reserve Slips are available upon request or may be obtained from the Reserve desk (3rd floor, Thompson Library) or online.
  • “Add To” slips (used when adding additional material to an existing Reserve folder) are available upon request from the library or at the Reserve desk.

Submit all material to be placed on Reserve to the Reserve Desk, 3rd floor, Thompson Library.

How Many Copies May be Placed on Reserve?

Faculty may submit up to five (5) copies of each item.  Please note that providing copies (duplicate folders or personal books) is the responsibility of the instructor.  The library is not able to provide photocopy service.

What May be Placed on Reserve?
  • Library Books
  • Library Media
  • Personal copies off books
  • Personal copies of media (provided they are legally purchased copies)
  • Items created by and owned by the course instructor (not published), including
  • Course syllabi
  • Lecture notes and presentations
  • Links to web sites
  • Practice exams and exercises
  • Media creations

Items covered by “Fair Use” copyright exemption, such as

  • Single journal or magazine article for one semester
  • Book chapter used for semester
  • Art work used for one semester