Mathematics Department

The UM-Flint Mathematics Department strives to share its knowledge and appreciation of mathematics within and outside the University.  Serving students concentrating in mathematics and those of other departments, we strive to continuously improve our teaching.  We also work to further mathematics in the UM-Flint service region, and are active members in the UM-Flint community.



Master's Degree Program

The Master's Degree program in Mathematics.  It is designed for in-service high school mathematics teachers and other interested working professionals, with many courses offered in the evening and during the summer to accommodate students working full-time. 


The General Program in mathematics allows a wide range of specializations, ranging from a broad Bachelor of Arts degree, to a more specialized Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in either abstract mathematics or the mathematical sciences. 


The Secondary Mathematics Teacher's Certificate Program at the University of Michigan-Flint is a nationally recognized program designed to prepare individuals who wish to teach middle and secondary school mathematics.  In the program, which can lead to either a B.A. or B.S. in mathematics, candidates take a sequence of mathematics courses designed to strengthen and deepen their knowledge of mathematics.


The Actuarial Science Program at University of Michigan - Flint is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career as an actuary, a career which requires strong mathematical skills as well as training in business-related areas. Actuaries work for insurance companies, financial planning agencies, governmental agencies, and other organizations to assist them in planning for the future using statistical and other mathematical techniques.  Our program specifically prepares students for taking the early actuarial exams before or shortly after graduation.



The Winter 2017 Family Math Night will be on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, from 6-8pm in the Michigan rooms in the UM-Flint UCEN.   For more information, please visit the main Family Math Night page.


Math Field Day 2017

The University of Michigan - Flint will held its 48th annual Math Field Day on Friday, March 3, 2017. For more information on Math Field Day, please visit the main Math Field Day page.

Mathematics Seminar

The mathematics deparment holds periodic seminars on content mathematics, applications of mathematics, and mathematical educatio.  For more information, visit the department seminar page.


2013 Mathematics Awards

Congratulations go out to our departmental award winners: Cory Cookingham for the 2013 Acturial Award for Excellence in Actuarial Mathematics, Michelle McNulty for the the Petronella Hiehle-Short Award for Excellence in Mathematics Education, and Josh O'Brien for the Caldwell Prize for Excellence in Mathematics.

For more information about these awards, including past recipients, please visit here.

2013 Lower Michigan Mathematics Competition Results

Congratulations to UM-Flint's three teams in the 2013 LMMC, in which teams of three students compete for three hours to solve ten math points.  The high score for the competition was 70.5 out of 100, with several teams scoring in the single digits.  Scoring 54.5 points was Team 17, consisting of Luke James, Dennis Foren, and Zach Murphy, coming in 4th place out of 20 overall.  Close on their heels were the short-staffed Teams 16 and 15, placing 8th and 11th place respectively, comprised of Michael Schutz and Bobby Ma, and Trang Nguyen and Matt Sutter, respectively.

2013 Putnam Exam Results

Congratulations to UM-Flint's top scorers on the 2013 Putnam Exam.  The exam, consisting of 12 incredibly difficult problems over a span of six hours, is taken by thousands of elite mathematics students the world over.  So difficult is the exam that the median score of all participants is a score of 1 out of a possible 120 points.  So it is with great pride that we announce the results of our top students Alex Carignan (8 points), Michael Schutz (9 points), and Luke James (29 points).  In particular, Luke's score places him 415th out of 4,277 participants, and so in the published Top 500 list published by the Putnam Exam committee.


Math Jobs

A degree in mathematics prepares students for a lifetime of occupational success by applying their deep reasoning skill, quantitative literacy, and scientific fluency in any of a vast slew of careers.  We note in particular two extraordinarily beneficial aspects to pursuing a degree in mathematics:

  • Math majors have options:  A mathematics major involves the mastery of critical thinking and reasoning that is useful in almost any job setting.  For example, math majors are among the top scorers on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), vastly better than pre-law students, and law schools know it!  The full range of career options are too lengthy to fit here, but we mention in particular careers in the actuarial sciences, biomathematics, cryptography, data mining, finance, industrial sciences, modeling, operations research, and teaching.  See or the Mathematical Association of America's careers page for much more information and examples.
  • Math majors are happy!  A 2014 ranking of overall job satisfaction of several hundred different careers revealed a clear trend.  The ranking, based on environment, income, outlook, and stress, was heavily dominated by mathematics and mathematics-related fields.

Also, check out the Career Connections page, a great resource for students trying to make connections with employers, some of whom are specifically looking for our graduates.


For information about a specific program, please select the Program tab and navigate to the appropriate program's page.

What courses does the department offer?

The links here contains a list of the courses offered, including those mathematics education courses covering the teaching of elementary school mathematics.

What courses are being offered this semester?

MTH courses with course number less than 200 are offered every semester.  MTH courses with course number over than 200 are offered at various intervals -- the standard course cycle can be found here.  For a more detailed list of sections being offered in the current semester, please see the registrar's catalog.

Where can I find tutoring information?

Tutoring is available through the math department or through the university.   For a schedule of the current semester's tutor hours, scroll down to the mathematics section here.