ITS - Classroom Services Equipment Rental Pricing

We offer a wide range of equipment and setups to meet the needs of your group or event. Below you will find descriptions of the equipment and setups as well as individual pricing. Please feel free to contact ITS-CS if you have any questions about or pricing or for help reserving and planning for your event.

Technical Assistance

ITS-CS Technician

A technician able to help setup and run events. A technician is required to run our tricaster recording equipment.

Cost: $15.00 per hour per technician

Display Equipment

42” Flat screen Television (Unavailable in Northbank or Riverfront)

42" flat screen televison mounted on a mobile cart. Includes a Desktop Computer and a Blueray/DVD Player.

Cost: $100.00

Digital Projection Cart (Unavailable in Riverfront)

Digital projector mounted in a mobile cart. Includes a Desktop Computer, Blueray/DVD Player, and a document camera.

Cost: $100.00

Standard Projector

Epson brand digital projector. VGA inputs. requires 15-20 ft of space in order to project to screen.

Cost: $50.00

Short Throw Projector

Epson brand digital projector. RCA, VGA, and HDMI inputs. requires 2-3 feet to project to screen.

Cost: $50.00

Small Projection Screen

Small portable projection screen roughly 5 feet wide. Easy to set up.

Cost: $25.00

Large Projection Screen

Large portable projection screen. Roughly 8 feet wide. Requires 2 technicians to setup.

Cost: $50.00

Single Laptop Computer

Single Laptop Computer. Includes a charger and laptop bag.

Cost: $50.00

Recording Equipment

Digital Camera

Sony brand 8.1 megapixel digital camera. Takes HD 1080p images.

Cost: $25.00

Digital Camcorder

Digital Camcorder capable of recording HD video.

Cost $25.00


Adjustable tripod, stands 5 ft tall when fully extended. Able to be used with our camcorder or cameras.

Cost: $15.00