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Within a modern, regional campus, The Department of Music at the University of Michigan Flint offers students a smaller, personalized University of Michigan experience as they work toward earning their degree.   For nearly 40 years, the experienced faculty have created an environment that fosters the very best of student talent and creativity.  Students who graduate from the Music Program at UM-Flint go on to outstanding careers and experiences as performers, teachers, and artistic visionaries.  At UM-Flint, you will make music as you begin to make a foundation for your future.

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, our department is recognized for its performances, creative and collaborative students and faculty, and intellectually rigorous programs of study.  Our program is open to music majors and minors wishing to pursue a degree in music, as well as non-music majors looking to participate in the various performing ensembles that the Department of Music has to offer.


Mission Statement:

We serve students from a variety of musical backgrounds who are willing to demonstrate their commitment to becoming life-long musicians, challenging them to achieve excellence, and mentoring them toward their goals. To accomplish this, the department offers an extensive music curriculum as well as a rich and diverse calendar of events including concerts, recitals, clinics, and workshops, that provide opportunities for performers and audiences while promoting the university’s outreach efforts.    

UM-Flint Music Students Perform in Mariachi Band

UM-Flint Music Students Perform Mariachi

Um-Flint Department of Music Students expand their repertoires by learning to play mariachi music.

The story can be found at:  http://blogs.umflint.edu/cas/2014/07/24/um-flint-students-play-mariachi/

Cover of Arts Education Policy Review

Music Faculty Research in Journal

Music's Dr. Karen Salvador's article, "Access to Music Education with Regard to Race in two Urban Areas" co-authored with Kristen Allegood from Indiana University, has just been published in Arts Education Policy Review.  In the article, Dr. Salvador and Ms. Allegood examined the Detroit, MI, and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, and found significant differences in the provision of music instruction between schools with high and low proportions of non-White enrollment in categories including curricular offerings, extracurricular offerings, and resources. In the Detroit area, only 31-60% of schools with high percentages of non-White students offered any music instruction at all. The paper contrasts these findings to a National Center for Educational Statistics report and concludes with a discussion of policy implications.   

The article can be found here: http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/zJynvJDVeUwXwRmDTEWB/full#.U-etp0ivx0l


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