Music Scholarships

Department of Music Scholarships and Stipends:

Chandler Brownell Piano Scholarhip

Bonnie Blum Memorial Scholarship

*Department of Music Instrumental Jazz Scholarship

Department Scholarship/Stipend

Garrett Ebmeyer Scholarship

Janet Kay Evans Scholarship

Founding Faculty Scholarship

Chieko Fesmire String Instrument Scholarship

Jeffrey Garfield Scholarship

Ada Hopkins Scholarship

Douglas Larmor Scholarship

Music Enrichment Scholarship

Joyce R. Piper Piano Scholarship|

Steel Drum Participant Scholarship

General Music Scholarships and Stipends


* Students interested in being considered for the Department of Music Instrumental Jazz Scholarship  are encouraged to prepare an additional selection that demonstrates their ability in this genre.

Exclusive music scholarships areawarded to students every semester based on performance and academic merit, participation in University ensembles and service to the Department of Music. These scholarships are in addition to other awards and funding opportunities available through University Office of Finacial Aid.

For more specific information on scholarship and stipends, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office (810-762-3444) , or the Department of Music Scholarship Coordinator, Dr. Karen Salvador,