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Remote Support

If you are in need of remote support, call our helpdesk and please click one of the options below.

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Useful Plugins and Software

A short list of recommended plugins, add-ons, readers and free software to improve your online learning expeirence:

Adobe Acrobat Reader -Adobe Reader is a free software that allows you to view, save, and print PDF files

Adobe Flash Player - Adobe Flash Player is an all-purpose web media player used by many of today's web-based applications

Google Drive - Google Drive is a free office suite that exists in the cloud.  If you do not have Microsoft Office, this could be a good alternative.  Write and access your papers from anywhere.

Java - Java is an object oriented programming language upon which Blackboard is heavily dependent; make sure to update your computer's java software often

Microsoft Office Viewers - Read-only software for viewing Power Points and Word documents if you do not own Microsoft Office

Mozilla Firefox - Firefox is a free and stable web browser available to the public; we recommend installing and using Firefox for all Blackboard applications

Respondus Lockdown Browser - Custom web browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. When students use this browser they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications

VLC Media Player - VLC is a versatile desktop media player for audio and video files

OEL Staff

OEL Staff

Terri Blackwell, (810) 358-9555, bterri@umflint.eduSenior Instructional Designer
Terri has the major responsibility for managing noncredit professional development programs. She is a Microsoft Certified Master Trainer for all MS Office products, a Certified IC3 Specialist and earned her online teaching certification from UCLA.

Brandon Blinkenberg, (810) 237-6622, bblink@umflint.eduSenior Instructional Designer
Brandon provides one-on-one support and group workshop training to faculty and students. Brandon has a Master of Arts in education technology from Michigan State University, where he was an instructional technologist and adjunct faculty member.

Jessica Callis, (810) 424-5225,, Marketing Assistant
Jessica assists with the marketing and recruiting for online and satellite programs. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts in integrative public relations from Central Michigan University.

Katie Curnow, (810) 762-5972, mcurnow@umflint.eduMarketing Coordinator
Katie is responsible for planning the marketing initiatives for online and satellite programs, and professional development and continuing education services. Katie has Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English from UM-Flint. 

Jeff Drake, (810) 762-0866, jpdrake@umflint.eduSenior Instructional Designer
Jeff collaborates with faculty to develop learning outside of the classroom with expertise in facilitating online discussions. He is a teacher educator whose work is informed by teaching social studies, debate, and educational technology at both the high school and university level.

Nicholas Gaspar, (810) 237-6612,, Information Technology Manager
Nick has full responsibility for the Blackboard learning management system, videoconferencing and educational technology used in conjunction with distance learning.  He has a Bachelor of Science in computer science and Master of Business Administration, both earned at UM-Flint.

Angie Gooch, (810)237-6566,, Tk20 Coordinator
Angie is responsible for the Tk20 Data Management System (CampusWide) and Course Evaluations. 

Krista Heiser, (810) 762-3201, krheiser@umflint.eduAdministrative Specialist
Krista manages OEL daily operations, assists in technology implementation and training, and is the University's liaison to the Michigan Department of Education. Krista completed her Bachelor of Applied Science at UM-Flint.

Stephanie Martiny, (810) 989-5808 ext. 3, smartiny@umflint.eduRecruitment Coordinator, St. Clair County Community College

Brooke Michael, (313) 640-1841, Recruitment Coordinator, Wayne County Community College District
Brooke organizes and coordinates recruitment activities at the WCCCD University Center.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from the University of Central Missouri.

Jessica Monschau, (810) 237-6678,, Administrative Assistant
Jessica provides administrative support for the Office of Extended Learning, helps organize events, and manages the online course waitlists. She holds a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from UM-Flint.

Jason Skelton, (810) 424-5237,  jaskelto@umflint.eduMultimedia Specialist
Jason is a motion graphics and multimedia specialist; he works with the instructional designers and faculty to accentuate online course content. He has a Bachelor of Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Jeff Smeenge, (810) 424-5614,, Assistant Blackboard Administrator
Jeff provides Blackboard and other back-end technology support.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology from UM-Flint.

Jennifer Spenny, (517) 483-9727, spennyje@umflint.eduRecruitment Coordinator, Lansing Community College
Jennifer coordinates UM-Flint classes and activities at the Lansing Community College University Center.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Michigan State University.

Theresa Stevens, (810) 237-6600, tmsteven@umflint.eduAssistant Director  
Theresa has the major responsibility of supervising the satellite campuses (Alpena, Lansing, St. Clair and Wayne County community colleges).  She holds a Master of Arts in education from Central Michigan University, and Master of Business Administration from Baker College.

Carson Waites, (810) 762-0912,, Instructional Learning Assistant
Carson provides one-on-one faculty training and technology support.  He is responsible for developing and teaching professional development courses, and facilitates audio-video production.  Carson has Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English from UM-Flint. 

Deborah White, (810) 766-6798, debwhite@umflint.eduDirector
Deb has overall responsibility for the Office of Extended Learning.  She has a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in operations management from UM-Flint, and was among the founding staff of Michigan Virtual University.