Listed below are previously submitted concerns/comments/questions/suggestions along with the responses or actions.  This list is updated periodically, so feel free to check back for new information.


Question:  I will be attending UM-Flint in the Fall 2014.  During orientation, do I have to stay the night since it is from 10 A.M, May 27 to 5 P.M., May 28?

Response provided by Academic Advising & Career Center:  Orientation is an overnight program.  Students will spend the night in our on-campus "First Street Residence Hall."  Specific questions about orientation should be directed to or 810-762-3085.

Blocking Unwanted Email

Question:  Is there a way to block every single person at U of M except my teachers?

Response provided by Information Technology Services:  There is no way to block all email except those from a student's instructor.  Even if it were possible, the student would miss out on other potentially beneficial email.  Students should review the email list serve guidelines and "What is a mail digest?" to see what lists they are subscribed to and unsubscribe from those they no longer wish to receive.

Use of PDF Files

Concern:  Uploading the exam schedule in only a PDF file is problematic.  Not every student has Acrobat Reader to be able to open files.

Response provided by the Office of Extended Learning:  The pdf file format is the most universally compatible and secure document format, regardless of browser or platform, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software that requires very little room on an individual's computer.  It really is a minimum standard technology that most students should be able to handle.  OEL provides the link to the Acrobat Reader on the Blackboard help tab, and students may feel free to contact the OEL helpdesk for individual assistance any day of the week, from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. weekends.  A tip for easier opening of all types of documents:  download the file first to your computer (or tablet or SmartPhone) and then open it.


Concern:  Would it be possible to install more lighting in skywalks?  It is a dark space where it is not easy to see what other people may be doing.

Response provided by Facilities & Operations:  Skywalk from UPAV to Library retrofitted with brighter and more energy efficient tube lights.  Fixtures were also relocated inward (closer to the actual walking lanes) resulting in significantly increased brightness of the skywalk.


Concern:  Student expressed concern with start date of UM-Flint classes offered at Mott Community College not being clearly communicated within SIS.

Response provided by the Office of the Registrar:  Due to software restrictions, the semester start and end dates in SIS are not customizable.  Notes have been added to the course information section in the course schedule for these classes.


Concern:  New window graphics on the Public Safety Office outside the 2nd floor pavilion parking ramp have created a hazard in that drivers can no longer see if pedestrians are about to enter the crosswalks.

Response provided by Facilities & Operations:  A mirror for drivers to monitor pedestrian traffic exiting 2nd floor UPAV to the crosswalk was installed.


Concern:  Walking from MSB or the Recreation Center to the flat lot is very dark - more lighting is needed.

Response provided by Facilities & Operations:  Old lighting was replaced with brighter, more energy efficient LED lighting.  In addition, trees in the vicinity were trimmed to remove obstruction of light.


Concern:  Need a sidewalk between International Institute parking lot, First Street Residence Hall, and Murchie Science Building; safety issue.

Response provided by Facilities & Operations:  A new sidewalk was constructed between First Street and Kearsley Street.


Concern:  Library reduced hours on Sunday.  Could hours be extended in a portion of the Library?

Response provided by Library Staff:  An additional hour of operation was added on Sunday (open until 10 PM) and an additional hour each day Monday-Thursday (open until midnight).


Concern:  Could Flint have more than one ceremony?

Response provided by UM-Flint Commencement Committee:  Beginning in May 2011, two ceremonies will be held for Spring Commencement.


Concern:  UCEN needs a lot of love; too much concrete and color scheme is outdated.

Response provided by Facilities & Operations:  Stairwells have been resurfaced; Ontario Room renovation is complete; KIVA renovation is in progress; and plans for renovations to Happenings & Michigan Rooms are currently being finalized.


Concern:  Need diaper changing tables in restrooms.

Response provided by Facilities & Operations:  Eight (8) new changing stations were added throughout campus.