Exchange participation is a privilege, not a right. Minimum requirements are:

  • Full-time enrollment
  • Cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Good academic, personal, and financial standing

Additional requirements and/or restrictions may apply based on your host campus. More information may be obtained from your campus coordinator. 


UM-Flint is a "Plan B" university. This means you will pay tuition/fees to your HOME university. Fees are assessed as a condition of enrollment (e.g., fees for laboratory courses, general service, technology, art and photography) are always paid to the HOST campus. 

If you reside on campus, you will pay for room and meals at your host campus. You will also be responsible for transportation, personal expenses, and sightseeing opportunities while on exchange. 

Financial Aid

With some exceptions, U.S. federally-funded financial aid for eligible students is applied for, awarded by, and disbursed from the campus at which tuition/fees are paid. 

Application Process

Apply for Exchange through your HOME CAMPUS NSE coordinator. The process includes a non-refundable application fee, a transcript, recomendations, statement of goals, biographical data, and a personal interview.