Scholarship Application

Scholarship applications must be received before the first day of the semester for which it is being requested. Application forms will not be held beyond semester of application. A new application should be completed for those students who fail to enroll.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Applicants must be enrolled in at least three credit hours for the semester they are requesting consideration.
  2. Students may receive $100 per credit hour up to a maximum of $500, contingent upon availability of funds. 
  3. Applicant must be enrolled in one of the currently offered courses/programs at the satellite campus.
  4. Scholarships are applied directly to the student’s account and can be used for tuition, fees and books.
  5. Scholarships will be made available to students following the drop/add period (approximately two weeks after the start of the semester).
  6. Scholarships are not based on financial need.
  7. Scholarships are not renewable.
  8. If a recipient drops the course for which he/she has received the scholarship, he/she will not be eligible for future funds.
  9. Students must reapply for scholarship if they fail to enroll in original semester indicated.
  10. Scholarship recipients are eligible the first semester only.
  11. The scholarship selection committee will be comprised of two individuals from the Office of Extended Learning.
  12. Scholarships will be cancelled for recipients who fail to be enrolled for at least three credits by the end of the drop/add period for the semester(s) in which they are receiving scholarship funding.
  13. Students who take the first semester courses online are NOT eligible for the scholarship.

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