Return to Learn

What is Return to Learn?

University of Michigan-Flint's Return to Learn is a scholarship and advising program geared toward students considering a return to college. At our Return to Learn events, you will be able to sit down and speak with representatives from our admissions, academic advising, and financial aid departments, and get the help you need and deserve. You will be able to develop a personalized plan and build on the education and skills you already have, while also getting qualified for today's hottest job fields.

Whatever your situation, we're committed to helping you develop an education and career plan that suits your needs.

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The Return to Learn Scholarship program awards one-time scholarships to students who have left the educational environment for at least one year and are interested in the opportunity to continue learning. Scholarships are awarded in the first semester in which the student re-enters college; depending on availability of funds, awards are $100 per credit hour up to $1,000 in total.

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