Eligible Applicants

The Boyer Faculty Scholars Program is for faculty members who:

  • have previously taught at least one course1 or conducted a project (such as research) that is community-engaged,
  • want to take their community-engaged teaching and research to the next level, and
  • want to serve as campus leaders in the scholarship of engagement.

All full-time, permanent faculty members are invited to apply, because all are integral to the fulfillment of the campus mission. Tenured, tenure-track, lecturer and clinical faculty members have had demonstrable leadership roles in promoting the scholarship of engagement within UM-Flint. Furthermore, the program models the University Outreach values of justice and fairness, community building, economic vitality, being in service, and healthy relationships.

For 2014 applicants, eligible courses must have qualified for, and not necessarily been signed up for UM-Flint’s Civic Engagement Course Indicator