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Civic Engagement Course Info for Students

Are you looking for classes to give you real-world experience and connections in the community?

If so, search SIS for Civic Engagement courses!

Civic engagement courses give students first-hand experience with the knowledge or skills being taught in the class, through off-campus learning activities in the community or by learning from people from the community, such as community leaders and business owners.

Faculty can choose to teach a course using only traditional teaching methods (i.e. using theoretical or textbook examples) or they can choose to also use civic engagement teaching strategies.

For courses listed as Civic Engagement courses in SIS, the instructor has chosen to use at least one of the three following community-engaged approaches to teaching the course:

  1. The course contains an assignment that requires all students to work on a project for a real-world client or community partner, also known as a service-learning project. Such assignments are connected to specific learning outcomes, provide a structured way for students to analyze and connect the project experience to their learning, and genuinely address community needs.

  2. The course contains at least two of the following types of experiential learning activities, involving the entire class, that are connected to specific learning outcomes:

  • An assignment requiring students to gather evidence from or make observations in the local, regional, or broader community

  • An assignment requiring students to make presentations to/for a community group, K-12, business, non-profit, government, association or other external audience

  • An assignment requiring students to participate in meetings or events in the community

  • An assignment requiring students to interview people in the community

  • A field trip to illustrate or give students first-hand experience with course concepts

  • At least two speakers or panels of community experts

3. The course is a clinical, practicum, or for-credit internship which reciprocally benefits students in the class and the partnering community organization.


The Benefits of Taking a Civic Engagement Course

You learn deeper when you connect classroom lessons with the real world. You can see how course concepts are relevant to your life and to your community.

  • Employers and graduate schools want college grads that already have first-hand experience! Having real experience with what you learn in the classroom can set you apart from other candidates for jobs or grad school, giving you a competitive advantage.

  • Civic engagement courses help you build your resume. When you do a class project with a client or community partner and treat it like a professional job, you can add it to your resume as actual experience.

  • Civic engagement courses can provide opportunities to practice valuable skills – such as in communication, critical thinking, listening, synthesizing information from multiple sources, research, organization, time management, teamwork, and other professional skills.

  • Working with community organizations builds your professional network. When you make a good impression and build a positive reputation, your connections in the community can lead to letters of recommendation, internships and possibly even a job!

  • It’s an opportunity to try out your chosen career field or expand your areas of interest.

  • Civic engagement courses broaden your understanding of the world by exposing you to a diversity of perspectives and voices.

  • You can make a difference in the community while you are learning.

Find Courses

You can search and register for Civic Engagement courses at UM-Flint in SIS by searching for the Civic Engagement Course Indicator.

  • Log in to SIS
  • Click on Student Services tab
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Add/Drop class and select the term/semester you are searching
  • Click on Advanced Search at the bottom of the page
  • Select the Subject(s) you are searching
    • You can select multiple subjects by holding the Shift key and clicking on each subject you want to include in your search
    • You can select all subjects by clicking on the first subject, holding the Ctrl key, scrolling to the bottom of the list, and clicking on the last subject.  This will enable you to search all subjects at once.
  • Scroll down to the Attribute Type and select Civic Engagement
  • Click on Search Section

This search will yield UM-Flint courses that offer a civic engagement component in the subject and term you selected.

Past Courses

Past Civic Engagement Course Activities

UM-Flint’s Civic Engagement Curriculum Sees Surge in Offerings and Participation
General Civic Engagement

UM-Flint Design Students’ Work Unveiled in Flint Park
Art; College of Arts and Sciences

Civic Engagement Leads to Career Advancement for Recent UM-Flint Graduate
Communication; College of Arts and Sciences

UM-Flint Senior Seminar Project Helps Repurpose High School Dance Dresses
Communication; College of Arts and Sciences

UM-Flint Students Help Address Safety at Local Elementary School
Geography, Planning, and Environment; College of Arts and Sciences

UM-Flint Students Re-Imagine Flint’s Civic Park Neighborhood
Urban Planning/Social Work; College of Arts and Sciences/School of Education and Human Services

UM-Flint Students Bring Math Fun to Flint’s Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary School
Education; School of Education and Human Services

UM-Flint Physical Therapy Professor and Students Conduct Balance Screenings for Flint Seniors
Physical Therapy; School of Health Professions and Studies

Physical Therapy Prepares for Service Learning Trip to Honduras
Physical Therapy; School of Health Professions and Studies

Clinic Led by UM-Flint Students Brings Needed Health Services to Flint’s Underserved
Physical Therapy/Health Education; School of Health Professions and Studies

UM-Flint Tax Preparation Service Honored by IRS
Accounting; School of Management