Purpose of Implementation Grants

Funding civically engaged courses is the foundation for the nexus of the three pillars on which UM-Flint’s mission rests. It is the place where faculty and students can achieve excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship; student-centeredness; and engaged citizenship. It is the place from which UM-Flint will continue to become a regional and national leader in community engagement, with and in the community. 

In an effort to support the achievement of learning outcomes and community impacts associated with UM-Flint civic engagement courses, Civic Engagement Course Implementation Grants are being offered to faculty.

Who May Apply

Faculty may submit grant requests for one or more courses that are signed up for the UM-Flint Civic Engagement Course Indicator, except for First Year Experience classes which are funded through the Thompson Center for Learning & Teaching (TCLT). For more information about the course indicator criteria and how to sign up a course, please visit Civic Engagement Course Indicator for Faculty

How to Apply

Submit one application per Civic Engagement Course. Multiple sections for the same course should be covered in a single application. Only course sections with the Civic Engagement Courses Indicator may receive funding. 

Applications must include: 

To submit, please email completed application materials, in a single email per course, to Mona Munroe-Younis at myounis@umflint.edu

In order to include the completed signature page from the grant request form, please scan and email the signed document as part of the application package. 

Grant Amounts

Grants range from $50 to $800 per course.

Eligible Costs

Implementation grants may be used to pay for expenses such as: 

  • Service-learning deliverables to community partners (e.g. professional printing of reports, materials to support a service-learning project). 

  • Material costs of service-learning projects 

  • Guest speakers (up to $100 honorarium per speaker) 

  • Transportation for field trips 

  • Documenting service-learning experiences (e.g. photos, video, etc.) 

Ineligible Costs

  • Costs associated with First Year Experience Courses, which are funded through the Thompson Center for Learning & Teaching (TCLT). 

  •  Regular material or administrative expenses of community partners. For example, if students in a class develop a brochure or report for their community partner, it is expected that the group will provide an electronic copy and limited number of printed copies as deliverables to the community partner to ensure that the partnership is mutually beneficial; the community partner is responsible for making additional copies at its own expense. 

When to Apply

The Office of University Outreach will accept rolling applications, with review of proposals beginning on Monday, February 10, 2014. CECI Implementation Grant requests will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis. The funding decision will be communicated to an applicant approximately two weeks after receipt of a completed application. 

Funding Period

The grant period is only the semester for which the grant was requested. Any balance of funds will not carry forward over to the next semester. 

Post-Course Requirements

Awardees of Civic Engagement Course Implementation Grants are required to submit a written report within two weeks after the end of the semester for which the funding was provided. This report must include:  

  • A completed Civic Engagement Course Implementation Grant Report Form 
  • Documentation of the Civic Engagement activities (e.g. digital copies of photos and/or video, service-learning products/deliverables, etc.) 
  • Copies of relevant receipts 

Please see the Civic Engagement Course Implementation Grant Report Form for full details. Report materials must be submitted, in a single email per funded course, to Mona Munroe-Younis at myounis@umflint.edu
Failure to submit this report by the deadline will affect an applicant’s eligibility to receive future funding.