CE Indicator

The CE Course Indicator

Faculty members have the option of identifying their classes as “Civic Engagement” courses in UM-Flint course schedules. The Civic Engagement course indicator:

  • Demonstrates how UM-Flint academically prepares students with real-world experience for their professional careers and lives as engaged citizens using evidence-based, high impact practices
  • Helps students search SIS for courses that provide significant learning experiences in and with the community
  • Enables departmental and institution-wide tracking and reporting about civically engaged courses
  • Identifies courses that are eligible for the UM-Flint Civic Engagement Course Support Program and Civic Engagement Course Implementation Grants

Eligible Courses

Eligible Courses

Based on existing practices at UM-Flint, courses are eligible for the “CE” indicator if they have at least one of the three following components in the course syllabus:

  1. The course contains an assignment that requires all students to work on a project for a real-world client or community partner (i.e. service-learning). Such assignments are connected to specific learning outcomes, provide a structured way for students to analyze and connect the project experience to learning, and address community needs.

  2. The course contains at least two of the following types of experiential learning activities, involving the entire class, that are connected to specific learning outcomes:

  • An assignment requiring students to gather evidence from or make observations in the local, regional, or broader community

  • An assignment requiring students to make presentations to/for a community group, K-12, business, non-profit, government, association or other external audience

  • An assignment requiring students to participate in meetings or events in the community

  • An assignment requiring students to interview people in the community

  • A field trip to illustrate or give students first-hand experience with course concepts

  • At least two speakers or panels of community experts

3.  The course is a clinical, practicum, or for-credit internship that reciprocally benefits students in the class and the community.

Sign Up

Sign Up a Course

The “CE” indicator can be added or removed from your course at the section level via the course scheduling process facilitated by the Office of the Registrar. Only courses that will meet the Civic Engagement Course Indicator eligibility requirements should be listed as UM-Flint “CE” courses in the course schedule.

Please contact your Department or Program Chair to add the indicator to your course section. They will need these instructions to do so:

  • After logging into the EMS Campus/Campus Planning Interface, go to the Academic Browser. From there, double click on the course of interest to open the course details page.

  • Within the Course Details tab, select “Edit Course Details”.

  • Under the User Defined Fields area, you will see a field titled “Civic Engagement Indicator – select yes to add CE indicator to the section”. The default setting is always going to be “no”, even if your course section had the CE indicator in a prior semester. Using the drop down menu, please change the setting to “yes” to add the indicator, and click the Save button.

Click here to download an illustrated, printable step-by-step guide.

Check out this brief video showing how to add the indicator to a course section and confirm that the changed saved.


Verify the Class is Marked 'CE' in the Course Schedule

Before course schedules are published online, Departments will have an opportunity to confirm their accuracy during the schedule proofing stage coordinated by Stacy Lee from the Office of the Registrar. During that time, departments will be asked to review whether or not courses correctly have the Civic Engagement Course Indicator.

Once the schedule is published to SIS, “Civic Engagement” should appear as an attribute for courses that have been signed up for the CE indicator. (Please note that “Civic Engagement” is not a General Education attribute. The Office of the Registrar identified the attribute field as the best place in SIS to list the CE indicator.)

To verify that the Civic Engagement setting for your course section is consistent with how you will teach that course, search SIS for your course section(s) to see whether or not “Civic Engagement” is listed as an attribute. If “Civic Engagement” appears as an attribute, the course section must meet the minimum eligibility criteria provided above and University Outreach will provide course support if desired by the instructor.

For a list of all courses with the Civic Engagement indicator, use the Advanced Search option. In the Advanced Search screen, simply highlight the Subject(s) of interest (hold the Shift key on your keyboard to select all subjects) and choose “Civic Engagement” as an Attribute Type before clicking the Section Search button.

More Info

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Mona Munroe-Younis at (810) 424-5481.