University of Michigan-Flint students must first complete and submit the Commitment to Service Registration Form. Volunteer hours are to be submitted online: Submit CTS Service Hours.

Students must record their hours by the last day of the semester in which the hours were completed. These hours are kept in a permanent database for each student and are formally reported on the student’s Community Service Record, which is mailed to the student’s home address approximately one month after graduation. Additionally, your certificate of completion and a letter of appreciation from the Chancellor will also be mailed.

Hours served prior to being enrolled in the CTS program will not be counted. Also, ALL hours and reflective essays MUST be turned in one month prior to your graduation date. 

The CTS Advisory Committee will handle any disputed hours and you will be notified within 2-4 weeks. For more information see the CTS Advisory Committee page.

The following guidelines should be used to help students determine which activities may be recorded on their community service record. Questions about these policies should be directed to Gary Ashley at (810) 424-5458 or

Students May Record

  • Service at a nonprofit community organization
  • Direct service activities (i.e. tutoring, building homes, caring for the sick)
  • Indirect service activities (i.e. fundraisers, create brochures, flyers, posters, or annual reports for a nonprofit organization)
  • Advocacy (creating social change through government or grassroots organization)
  • Community organizing (i.e. voter registration drives, community gardens)
  • Community projects sponsored by student clubs/organizations that provide a service to the local community
  • Service events/programs through University Outreach (i.e. Alternative Spring Break, Service Saturdays, Alternative Summer Break)
  • Meeting time, only if the time was spent planning a community service activity
  • Summer activities, if the student was enrolled at the University of Michigan-Flint in the previous winter semester or upcoming fall semester.
  • Hours can be completed outside of the Flint community. 

Students May Not Record

  • Work for a profit-making organization
  • Work for which the student is paid wages (including community work study)
  • Observational or service hours that are part of degree or class requirements (i.e. student teaching, internships, practicum, co-op, service learning classes)
  • Meeting time, unless the time was spent planning a community service activity
  • Court-mandated community service mandated by a judge
  • Service completed during a semester in which the student was not enrolled in the previous winter semester or upcoming fall semester at the University of Michigan-Flint (i.e. high school activities, Dual Enrollment Educational Partnerships (DEEP) program, activities completed while the student was enrolled at another college/university)
  • Student club/organization activities, unless the activities provide a service to the local community
  • Religious activities (i.e. teaching or promoting a religion)
  • Persuasive political activities (i.e. lobbying)

In order to qualify for the Commitment to Service Award at graduation, a student must document the required number of hours based on the track he/she selects and submit a two-page final reflection essay. (Essay Guidelines) All requirements must be submitted to University Outreach one month prior to the date of graduation.