Open Co-Work Hours

There will be reduced hours in the Incubator co-work space. Please check the calendar below for availability.

Co-work, Create and Collaborate at the Innovation Incubator

What is the [IN]?

  • The Innovation Incubator is a program to help local entrepreneurs develop their companies.   
  • Whether you're already in business or just have a great idea, we can help you.
  • We are both a co-working space and a business incubator dedicated to helping businesses and non-profits start up.
  • The Innovation Incubator is the only incubator in Flint focused on (but not limited to) social entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative economy-based ventures.  

Need help with your business?

1. Fill out a questionnaire about your business so we know how to help you.

2. IN staff will contact you to set up an in-person interview to discuss your idea.

3. Staff will assign homework to help your further your business concept to help you launch your idea.

Calendar for co-work space

The Innovation Incubator is a program of the Office of University Outreach