University Outreach supports UM-Flint faculty, staff, departments and programs in learning about and becoming meaningfully connected with the Flint area community. Keep us in mind as you search for, hire, and onboard new faculty and staff! We are pleased to meet with job candidates, new hires, and existing faculty and staff to provide information about the community and how to access our programs for engaging with the community through teaching, research, and service.

Windshield Tours

We provide custom windshield tours of Flint to increase participants’ understanding of the community’s diverse social/economic contours, and highlight local businesses and organizations of interest. Windshield tours essentially involve a car ride with a guide who is knowledgeable about the community. Tours are typically 1-1 ½ hours long.

Custom Windshield Tour Request Form

Information about Flint

Flint (city), MI QuickFacts from the U. S. Census Bureau

Imagine Flint Master Plan for a Sustainable Flint