Department Advising for Majors and Minors

Students who are interested in either taking a major or minor in Philosophy should meet with Dr. Stevens Wandmacher to discuss the different program options and course selection. Dr. Wandmacher is the general advisor for all students early in their programs. 

All declared Philosophy majors and minors have a file in the Philosophy Department office. These files keep track of progress each student is making in his or her program, and are used by the department to plan upcoming course offerings. Students should meet with Dr. Wandmacher if they have any questions about their progress.

Preparing for Graduate School:

Students planning to apply to graduate school in Philosophy should expect to do undergraduate work in Philosophy that differs in some ways from what the General Program requires. Depending upon your particular philosophical interests and goals, your undergraduate work in Philosophy at UM-Flint can be tailored to your objectives. In order to plan an undergraduate program that is suited to your needs–and which affords you the best chance of getting into a good graduate program–it is essential that you start meeting regularly with a faculty advisor from the Philosophy Department as early in your undergraduate career as is possible. As a potential graduate student you will probably be advised to take some courses that go beyond their major program requirements. You may also be advised to satisfy particular program requirements in ways that are more specialized than what the General Program permits. 

The following Philosophy Department faculty members serve in this capacity: