Candace Bolter

The Philosophy Department is currently undertaking a funding campaign to ensure the endowment of the Candace Marie Bolter Memorial Scholarship. The endowment deadline is June 30, 2017.  By that date, we intend to inspire $10,000 in total gifts, at which point the scholarship will become endowed.  After the scholarship is endowed, all future gifts to the scholarship will be included with the principal balance of the endowment, an amount that will remain intact in perpetuity.  During this campaign, the Philosophy Department is able to award the Bolter Scholarship annually thanks to the generous gifts of prior donors.

Candace Bolter was a philosophy major who graduated from UM-Flint in May, 2002. Faculty who were fortunate enough to have had Candace as a  student in one of their philosophy courses regarded her as among the very brightest students they ever taught. Candace was passionately interested in many areas of philosophy. Her first love was philosophy of mind, and she was personally recruited by the prominent philosopher  David Chalmers to the Ph.D program of the University of Arizona, where he was then teaching. However, she elected to stay closer to home,  enrolling in the doctoral program at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where the faculty held her in high regard. Candace was the ideal  philosophy student — intelligent, diligent and thoroughly engaged with ideas — and her desire to enact real, positive change in the world steered  her graduate studies towards issues of justice and fairness, and in particular the rights of children. In fact, while still a Ph.D. student in  philosophy, Candace was accepted by the UM Law School; in her judgment, the combination of a Ph.D. and a J.D. would best position her to work toward fulfilling her vision of a better world. 

Tragically, Candace was diagnosed with a serious illness, and she died before she was able to complete her graduate studies. The UM-Flint Philosophy Department's Candace Bolter Memorial Scholarship fund was established to commemorate Candace’s memory and to honor her love of learning.

The Candace Bolter scholarship is awarded once a year.  Applicants must be a UM-Flint Philosophy major with  a 3.25 grade point average.  The scholarship selection committee will consist of a minimum of three members of the Philosophy Department faculty.  For information on how to apply for this scholarship, please visit the UM-Flint Financial Aid Office scholarship web page or contact the Philosophy Department.

 Cody Hatfield-Myers 2016-2017 Candace Bolter Recipient

 Barbara Francois- Banks 2015-2016 Candace Bolter Recipient

 Thomas Mann 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Candace Bolter Recipient

Zachary Murphy 2011-2012 Candace Bolter Award recipient Zachary Murphy 2012-2013 Candace Bolter Recipient  

Gabriela Gibson 2011-2012 Candace Bolter Award recipient Gabriela Gibson 2011-2012 Candace Bolter Recipient

We invite you to lend your support to honoring Candace's memory.