Procurement and Contracts

The University of Michigan-Flint Procurement and Contracts Department Core Functions:
  • Implement Proper Processes - Provide SPG Policies, practice and procedures.
  • Issue RFP/RFQ for Purchases $10,000 and over - All Purchases $10,000 and over must be processed and approved by Procurement.
  • Purchase Orders - For one time purchases.
  • Blanket Purchase Orders - Issue Purchase Orders to cover multiple purchases and/or invoices throughout the year.
  • Furniture Purchases - All furniture purchases require Procurement approval. (Regardless of cost.)
  • Process Peoplepay - Non-Employee for Service and Honorariums payments to individuals.
  • Agreements/Contracts with monetary amount require review and approval by procurement agents, regardless of dollar amount.
  • Non-Monetary Agreements/Contracts must be reviewed/approved by Procurement:
    • Non-Monetary
    • Monetary
    • Lease
  • Support and encourage business with local and diverse suppliers.
  • Invoices - Acquire departmental approval for all invoices over $10,000.
  • Reporting - Conflict of Interest and Non-Compliance to Board of Regents.
  • Training - Provide M-Pathway, M-Marketsite, and Peoplepay training on individual basis upon request.
  • Suppliers - Meet with prospective and existing, act as liaison for requesting departments for request or resolving disputes/issues.
Please note normal processing times for purchase orders:
  • Purchases under $10,000 without a contract 2 weeks or less
  • Purchases with a contract regardless of the cost, 30 days
  • Purchases $10,000 & over, are required per SPG to be competitively bid or identified as a sole source provider; allow 30 days for processing
  • PeoplePay allow 3 weeks from initial date submitted to Human Resources

Processing timelines may be extended if the supplier is not in the database, supplier is not active and/or open for ordering, contracts require Office of General Counsel review, edits, and acceptance by supplier and University.