How to Buy

Purchase Requisitions:  To initiate the creation of a Purchase Order, send completed purchase requisition form and all related documents (see below) to the following email: Please include supplier name and department in subject line.

  • Requisitions under $10,000 should include all related documents, quote and/or supplier contracts (allow 30 days) to be reviewed and signed by P&C.
  • Requisitions $10,000 and over, require competitive bid process by Procurement; allow 30 days for processing.  Include description of product and/or services desired and contact information.  Bid limit increased 1/1/15,
  • Requisition $10,000 and over which are sole source, includes but not limited to memberships, advertising, equipment maintenance, and speakers; include all related documents, quote, contract to be reviewed and signed by P&C, and sole source form.

Contracts: All contracts regardless of financial amount require to be reviewed and signed by P&C

  • P&C contract information:
  • Contract for a purchase must be sent to P&C with purchase requisition form at the above email address.
  • Academic Contracts with no monetary value, must be sent to P&C for review by Contract Administrator.

UM Strategic Suppliers: Contracted suppliers for product and/or services using shortcodes

UM-Flint Contracted Suppliers: Suppliers competitively bid by P&C use PO; $10,000 and over allowed

Furniture: Contact P&C:  UM Strategic Suppliers, PCards cannot be used.

ITS Purchases:

  • Software & licenses:  require approval of ITS prior to submitting requisition to P&C, PCards cannot be used.
  • Software, license & maintenance contracts require review and signature by P&C.
  • Computers, tablets, iPads:  contact ITS; note cannot be purchased with PCard

Insurance: UM requires insurance for any vendor and/or speaker providing services on campus.
Alternative:  Tulip

PCard: Used for travel, airfare, lodging, and tangible products only; services and/or contract purchases are not allowed.

Non-PO Vouchers: Used for reimbursements or awards only, purchase orders should be used for tangible products or services.

Peoplepay: All forms should be sent to Human Resources 213 UPAV.  Human Resources will forward to Procurement, after their review.

Invoices: Emailed individually to A2 Accounts Payable (AP),

  • Invoice must include invoice number, PO number, & remittance address; statements cannot be used as an invoice
  • Email to Accounts Payable with supplier name and invoice number in subject line.
  • Accounts Payable will send a reply email with a case number, keep case number required for any future inquiries.
  • Accounts Payable will send a second email when invoice is entered and scheduled with a pay date.

Supplier Numbers:

  • Inactive & closed for ordering, email Suuplier Maintenance (SM) to reactivate & open for ordering,
  • When emailing SM, include supplier name, supplier number, Tax ID number (if available) and the reason for reactivation.  SM may still request a completed Sub W9.
  • New supplier to be added will require completed Sub W9, request done through MPathways.

Procurement & Contracts Contacts:

General Procurement and Invoice Questions:
Administrative Assistant: Tabitha Rigiel, 762-3488
Procurement Intern: Haley Bruns, 424-5297

Peoplepay, Events/Catering, and General Procurement:
Shirley Moran, 762-0788

Contracts, Non-Dollar:
Contract Administrator: Julie Insalaco, 762-3487

Procurement & Contracts Concerns, Copiers, Furniture, and Facilities & Operations Projects:
Brenda Roth, 762-3488