Campus Power Outage Update

The following buildings remain without power: Thompson Library, Recreation Center, First Street Residence Hall, Theater, French Hall, University Center, and Murchie Science Building. All classes and activities in these buildings are cancelled for the remainder of the day.



David M. French Professorship

2017               Not awarded
2016               Clement Chen (SOM)
2014               Ricardo Alfaro (MTH)
2012               Mojtaba Vaziri (CSEP)
2011               Not awarded
2009               Martin Kaufman (ERS)
2007               Lauren Friesen (THE)
2005               Peeth Kartha (SOM)

Scholarly or Creative Achievement

2017               Hiba Wehbe-Alamah (SON)
2016               Jami Anderson (CAS)
2015               Lixing Han (CAS)
2014               Erin Cavusgil (SOM) and Jie Song (CAS)
2013               Not awarded
2012               Brian Blume (SOM)
2011               L. Nathan Oaklander (CAS)
2010               Michael Farmer (CAS)
2009               Lucinda Pfalzer (SHPS)

Teaching Excellence

2017               Quamrul Mazumder (CAS)           
2016               Hiba Wehbe-Alamah (SON)
2015               Lois Alexander (CAS)
2014               Not awarded
2013               William Irwin (CAS)
2012               David M. Larsen, Jr. (CAS)
2011               Not awarded
2010               Randall Repic (CAS)

Distinguished Service

2017               Maureen Tippen (SON)
2016               Suzanne Selig (SHPS)
2015               Kathryn Schellenberg (CAS)
2014               Stephen Turner (CAS)
2013               Christopher Heidenreich (CAS)
2012               Not awarded
2011               Thomas A. Wrobel (CAS)
2010               Theodosia (Teddy) Robertson (CAS)
2009               Keith A. Moreland (SOM) 

Alvin D. Loving Junior Faculty Initiative

2017               Mark Allison (CAS)
2016               Pamela Ross McClain (SEHS)
2014               Murali Mani (CAS)
2013               Erica Britt (CAS)
2012               Wei Cao
2011               Not awarded
2010               Jie Song (CAS)
2009               Quamrul Mazumder (CAS)

Alvin D. Loving Senior Faculty Initiative

2015               Ernest Emenyonu (CAS)

Lucinda Hinsdale Stone Junior Faculty Award

2017               Jennifer Blackwood (SHPS)
2016               Victoria Morckel (CAS)
2015               Karen Salvador (CAS)
2014               Shelby Newport (CAS)
2013               Jessica Kelts (CAS)
2012               Gabriela Hristova (MUS)
2011               Ami Pflugrad-Jackisch (CAS)
2010               Li-hsuan Yang (SEHS)

Lucinda Hinsdale Stone Senior Faculty Award

2017               Heather Dawson (CAS)

Lawrence D. Kugler Academic Advisor Excellence Award

2017               Jessica Kelts (CAS)
2016               Jessica Tischler (CAS)
2015               Brenda Cameron (SHPS)
2014               Suzanne Knezek (SEHS)
2013               Not awarded
2012               Not awarded
2011               Jo Ann Shabazz
2010               Not awarded
2009               Cheryl Godmar (SEHS)

Dr. Lois Matz Rosen Junior Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

2017               Seung-Jin Lee (CAS)
2016               Amy Yorke (SHPS)
2015               Nicholas Kingsley (CAS)
2014               Laura McLeman (CAS)
2013               Julie Broadbent (CAS)
2012               Not awarded
2011               Brian DiBlassio (CAS)
2010               Suleyman Uludag (CAS)
2009               Suzanne Knight (CAS) and Quamrul H. Mazumder (CAS)

Dorothea E. Wyatt Award

2017               Shelley Spivack (CAS)
2016               Kristen Campbell
2015               Peggy Kahn (CAS)
2014               Not awarded
2013               Sharman Siebenthal Adams (SEHS)
2012               Shelly L. Hoffman 
2011               Not Awarded
2010               Michelle Rosynsky
2009               Not awarded

The Olivia P. Maynard and Olof Karlstrom Faculty Award for Civil Engagement

2017               Not awarded
2016               Annie Whitlock (SEHS)
2015               No Award
2014               Beverly Smith (CAS)
2010               Jeff Kupperman (SEHS)
2009               Charles B. Thomas (CAS)

Collegiate Lecturer Award

2017               Michael McCarthy (SON)
2016               Traci Currie (CAS)
2015               Stevens Wandmacher (CAS)
2014               Maureen Thum (CAS)
2013               Jan Worth-Nelson (CAS)
2012               Ernest Szuch (CAS)

Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year Nomination

2017               No nomination
2016               Joseph Sucic (BIO)
2015               Ricardo Alfaro (MTH)
2014               Joseph Sucic (BIO)
2013               Mojtaba Vaziri (CSEP)*
2012               No nomination
2011               No nomination
2010               Steven C. Althoen (EDU)
2009               Carolyn Gillespie (THE)

*Recipient of the Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year Award