David M. French Professorship

The Board of Regents has created a number of distinguished professorships to honor faculty who have attained national or international recognition for continuous scholarly achievement, teaching excellence and recognized breadth of interest.  One of these professorships was designated for the University of Michigan-Flint and has been named the David M. French Professorship honoring the founding dean of the Flint College of the University of Michigan.  The appointment as David M. French Professor may run from one to three years and carries a stipend of $5,000 per year.


Eligible for nomination are full-time faculty members at the rank of tenured full professor who have been with the University for a minimum of three years and who possess the following:

  • Distinguished scholarship or authorship.
  • Conspicuous ability as a teacher.

An individual would normally be excluded from consideration for this award for any of the following reasons:

  • He/she holds a continuing administrative or non-teaching appointment of more than one third.
  • He/she holds an administrative appointment above the level of department chair.
  • He/she is a current member of the SASE.
  • He/she has received this award before.


The deadline for Faculty Award information to be uploaded to InfoReady is March 12, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

Online applications for the awards can be found here: https://umflint.infoready4.com/#homePage

Required Supporting Documentation (in addition to the letter from the nominator)

  • Nominee's vita.
  • Nomination for Faculty Award form.
  • Letter of support from appropriate department chair (dean in the case of SOM, director in the case of SHPS).
  • Evidence of distinguished scholarship or authorship.
  • Evidence of conspicuous ability as a teacher.
  • Evidence of outstanding achievements or service.
  • Up to five representative articles or other works published or completed.
  • Up to three (3) letters from peer reviewers (internal or external) that address the scholarly activity of the nominee.

The Scholarships, Awards and Special Events Committee may request additional documentation from the nominator, the nominee, and other members of the University community.

Here is the Nomination for Faculty/Staff Award Form.