Lucinda Hinsdale Stone Junior Faculty Award

Lucinda Hinsdale Stone (1814-1900), along with others, lobbied the University of Michigan, its Regents, and the state legislature to open the University to women.  This award was established in recognition of her efforts.  The award is intended to encourage junior faculty to accomplish the scholarly and creative work that is necessary for the attainment of academic tenure.  The Provost, with the consent of the Chancellor, will appoint the successful candidate as Lucinda Hinsdale Stone Junior Faculty for one year with reassigned time of one three-credit course during the academic year in which the recipient holds this award.  The recipient will also receive a privately-funded monetary stipend of $2,000 to be used in any way best suited to their scholarly and pedagogical interests.  A faculty member can receive this only once.


Eligible for nomination are faculty members holding a regular appointment at the rank of assistant professor and possessing the following qualifications:

  • Leadership role in promoting equity and opportunities for women to participate more fully in the campus community.
  • Involvement in the creation or implementation of programs that, though open to all, would better the status of women on campus or in the community.
  • Recognized scholarship or creative activities.
  • Conspicuous ability in teaching.
  • Significant service to the professional, university or general community. 
  • High potential for professional advancement and continued professional development at UM-Flint.

An individual would normally be excluded from consideration for this award for any of the reasons:

  • They hold a continuing administrative or non-teaching appointment of more than one third.
  • They hold an administrative appointment above the level of department chair.
  • They are the David M. French Professor.
  • They are a current member of the SASE.
  • They have received this award within the past five years.


Name of nominee and the name of the award for which the person is being nominated is due no later than January 18, 2018.  This information should be emailed to The deadline for supporting documents is March 8, 2018.  Supporting documents should be submitted to the chair of the Scholarships, Awards and Special Events Committee, c/o Provost’s Office, 229 University Pavilion or via e-mail to

Required Supporting Documentation – maximum of 12 pages (including nomination form)

  • Nomination for Faculty Award form.
  • Nominee's condensed vita (2 pages).
  • Signature from appropriate department chair (dean in the case of SOM, director in the case of SHPS) on the Nomination for Faculty Award form.
  • Plan of professional activities to be carried out under this program.
  • Evidence of recognized scholarship or creative activities.
  • Evidence of conspicuous ability in teaching.
  • Evidence of service to the professional, university or general community.
  • Evidence of high potential for professional advancement and continued professional development at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Here is the Nomination for Faculty/Staff Award Form.