Alvin D. Loving Senior Faculty Initiative

A member of the founding faculty of the Flint campus, Dr. Alvin D. Loving had the distinction of being the first tenured minority faculty member on this campus.  This senior faculty program was established in his name to recognize his pioneering efforts.

Senior minority faculty members who have distinguished themselves by outstanding achievements are extremely important to the University of Michigan-Flint.  When they are also highly marketable, extraordinary efforts to retain them have to be made.  In addition to the usual monetary incentives used to retain faculty members and in recognition of the unusual service demands placed on senior minority faculty, UM-Flint has established the Alvin D. Loving Senior Faculty Award to provide release time for highly valued and marketable senior minority faculty members.

This award is granted for one year with released time of one three-credit-hour course per semester.


Eligible for nomination are minority faculty member holding a regular appointment at the rank of full professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and possessing the following qualifications:

  • Distinguished scholarship or creative activities.
  • Generous service to the professional, university or general community.
  • Conspicuous ability in teaching.
  • High degree of marketability to other institutions.


Since deans are the administrators who normally respond to market conditions facing faculty members, nominations for this award shall be initiated by the appropriate dean or director with budgetary authority and submitted to the Provost.  The award shall be made by the Provost, with the consent of the Chancellor. 

Name of nominee and the name of the award for which the person is being nominated is due no later than January 19, 2017.  This information should be emailed to The deadline for supporting documents is March 9, 2017.  Supporting documents should be submitted to the Provost’s Office, 229 University Pavilion or via e-mail to        

Required Supporting Documentation – maximum of 12 pages (including nomination form)

  • Nomination for Faculty Award form.
  • Nominee's condensed vita (2 pages).
  • Signature from appropriate department chair (dean in the case of SOM, director in the case of SHPS) on the Nomination for Faculty Award form.
  • Evidence of distinguished scholarship or creative activities.
  • Evidence of service to the professional, university or general community.
  • Evidence of conspicuous ability in teaching.
  • Evidence of high degree of marketability to other institutions.

Here is the Nomination for Faculty/Staff Award Form.