For Mentees: Benefits and Application

While participation in the Program cannot guarantee tenure and promotion—indeed, it is wise for pre-tenure faculty to seek many forms of mentoring within and beyond the Faculty Mentoring Program—it can lead to developing useful strategies for navigating the tenure process and enhancing chances of career success. Pre-tenure faculty who participate in a mentoring program report that they experience higher levels of job satisfaction and greater academic productivity, and they indicate receiving better student evaluations. It is an opportunity for pre-tenure faculty to learn what they may not even know to ask.

The Program can help mentees ease the transition from graduate school or their previous institution to their new role as a UM-Flint faculty member. While graduate school often provides a formal advising structure and a built-in community of other graduate students, a tenure-track position can be disorienting without this structure. To address this, the Faculty Mentoring Program can help new faculty build a network of contacts, increase their connectedness to campus resources and opportunities, raise their visibility on campus, and integrate into the larger UM-Flint community. It provides a cohort of pre-tenure faculty to share strategies and foster peer mentoring, and it offers the opportunity to meet and build relationships with tenured faculty to serve as mentors and advisors. Because mentors in the one-on-one teams are outside of mentees’ home departments, mentees can gain nonjudgmental advice from tenured faculty who will not be evaluating them for tenure and promotion.

The application deadline for 2014-2015 is September 15, 2014.