For Mentors: Benefits and Application

Research indicates that tenured faculty members play a critical role in developing a campus community that promotes the success of tenure-track faculty. Likewise, tenured faculty benefit from the relationships they develop as a mentor. Faculty who serve as mentors experience satisfaction in assisting in the development of a colleague and retaining talented faculty colleagues. Mentors will have the opportunity to meet new faculty with new energy and new ideas while also helping to integrate them into life as a UM-Flint faculty member and to retain these promising new faculty, who we hope will become tomorrow’s tenured faculty and mentors.

In addition, the Program creates opportunities for the mentor to receive ideas and feedback about their own teaching and scholarship. While furthering their own professional growth, mentors have the opportunity to meet faculty throughout the campus and in different disciplines, perhaps leading to interdisciplinary collaborations in teaching and research. The Program provides the stage for mentors to work beyond their departments and units to develop shared goals of the larger UM-Flint community.

Mentors will be given a University Dining Services meal card to help subsidize meals with their mentees.

The application deadline for 2014-2015 is September 15, 2014.