Race and Ethnicity Reporting Changes

Beginning in Fall 2010, Federal regulations required the university to change how it collects and report data on race and ethnicity.  For Federal (IPEDS) reporting and 10th Day Official counts, students are counted in ONE of the categories listed below.

New Federal IPEDS Reporting Categories

1) Nonresident Alien
2) Race and Ethnicity unknown
3) Hispanics of any race

For non-Hispanics only:
4) American Indian or Alaska Native
5) Asian
6) Black or African American
7) Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
8) White
9) Two or more races

Reporting using the new categories

For purposes other than federal reporting, the university may report additional detail using “maximum counts.”  The maximum count method for each racial/ethnicity category would include every individual who selected a specific category, whether or not they were Hispanic/Latino or multi‐racial (a single student may be counted within several categories causing duplicate head counts).

Please note that the new race/ethnicity data (implemented in Fall 2010) is not comparable to the old IPEDS categories.  The previous approach did not allow individuals to report multi‐racial or multi‐ethnic identities, but allowed the selection of only one race category. 

Existing reports (such as those from the SSEM 2000 database) are being modified to remove the old ethnicity information.  Departments should also update any of their own existing reports or queries that use the outdated ethnicity data from Banner.  

For further information on these changes, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

For assistance in reporting the new race and ethnicity data from Banner, please contact the Administration Information Management Services office (aims@umflint.edu).

What led to this change?

Per Federal Requirements, effective 2009-2010

Federal regulations are requiring the University of Michigan and all institutions of higher education to change how they collect and report data on race and ethnicity.  Because the change in race and ethnicity categories will produce incomparable statistics, all University of Michigan-Flint students who answered a race/ethnicity question on an admissions application in the old format or who did not answer the question were resurveyed with a new two-question format using the UM-Flint Student Information System (SIS).

The race and ethnicity information on file for current and former UM-Flint students was converted to the new format insofar as possible using assumptions approved by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.  Beginning October 15, 2009, students to be resurveyed saw the questions on the first screen when logging into SIS.  The survey asked the student to update and confirm the data we have on file in the system.  This survey displayed each time a person logged in until they completed the survey.  It was possible to "opt out" of the survey by leaving the answers blank and submitting the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions were prepared by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor to assist all U-M campuses in preparation for these changes.  If you have questions about the changes, please contact Brad Maki, Director of Graduate Admissions, and Chair of the Committee on IPEDS Race/Ethnicity Tracking/Reporting for the Flint campus at 810-762-3171 or bmaki@umflint.edu.