The Psychology Club

The Psychology Club at the University of Michigan - Flint is a student run organization for Psychology majors, minors and students with a general interest in Psychology. The Psychology Club aims to gather Psychology majors, minors, and enthusiasts alike in order to pass along knowledge of the Psychology field, while generating friendships and connections within the department and community. We discuss possible career paths, graduate school, what's new in Psychology worldwide. 

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The purpose of the UM - Flint Psychology Club is to strengthen the sense of community among those students with an interest in the field of Psychology, aiding in academic and professional development, and providing opportunities for service to the community and university.


To be considered eligible for membership in the Psychology Club, an individual has to attend two (2) meetings and one (1) activity or club function. After one (1) semester passes of no activity (i.e., an individual does not attend any functions), they are considered an inactive member of the Psychology Club. In the event an individual is interested in becoming/continuing to be a member and are unable to attend meetings, providing feedback on two (2) meetings through email response to published minutes will gain/retain membership status.