Thanks for giving back!

  • Heidi (Wiederhold) Mischke ('82), has been putting some of her education to use by volunteering to teach a human anatomy class to third graders at her children's school. Most students would say that their favorite part is when she brings in specimens like a pig heart or a rat brain. The parent of one child told Heidi that his child was so enthralled by the classes that his daughter was thinking about a medical career. He told Heidi that he would send her the bill for medical school if his daughter did attend. (Heidi would prefer if she went to PT school!)   Perhaps other PT grads could influence some young minds by getting involved with their school systems. 
  • We welcomed Class of 2003 alumnus, Eric Galvez to campus on March 30th to talk about Cancer Survivorship.
  • Dayna Ryan (2010) has been teaching Neurological Disease and Disorders for the 1st year students.
  • Amy Selby (2011) and Jonathan Boutni (2011) at Level 11 and Mike Brew (2010) at STAR Rehab donated their time at their respective clinics to allow students to observe and learning more about neurological rehabilitation.
  • Matt Brostrom (2000) spoke to 2nd year students on LSVT Move Big Therapy.
  • Mat Hoard (2001) spoke to 2nd year students on the Bioness Unit.
  • Stacey Brew (1997) helped coordinate a Pediatric Equipment day with Drs. Daly and Littleton on campus in March where many young children and their families had the opportunity to trial new positioning and mobility equipment.