Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy

We can fill your FCCPT deficiencies! 

Does your credential evaluation show deficiencies in any of the following areas:

Basic Health Science - Neuroscience (Neuroanatomy/Neurophysiology);
Pharmacology; Diagnostic Imaging

Examination - Systems Review; Physical Exams, Tests, Measures Selection;
Test and Measures Administration: Environmental, home, work barriers

Evaluation - Data Analysis and Evaluation

Related Professional Behaviors - Professional Roles and Behaviors;
Healthcare Systems, Administration, and Management;
Clinical Decision Making-Evidence Based Practice; Teaching and Learning-
(including educational theory); Consulation

If so, scroll below to see the corresponding, FCCPT pre-approved course!

Approved Courses through 2017 - CWT 6 - click on page below

How to Apply

Information can be found HERE.  Please scroll down to review the Physical Therapy Bridge to U.S. Credentialing Program.

You will apply as a Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) using the Lifelong Learning Application found HERE.