Lifelong Learning

Can I take courses for professional development rather than the degree or certificate?

Yes, this is possible using “Lifelong Learning” (non-candidate for degree) status.  The purpose of graduate Lifelong Learning status is to permit and facilitate access to UM-Flint graduate courses to students not formally admitted to a UM-Flint graduate program.


You must apply for this status, provide proof of bachelor’s degree, and obtain instructor and/or program director approval for each course you wish to elect.  Graduate Lifelong Learning students are not eligible for most sources of financial aid.

Lifelong Learning students who wish to be admitted to the t-DPT degree or clinical certificate program in the future must apply for that program using the Graduate Application for Admission in accordance with established application deadlines.  Courses taken as a graduate Lifelong Learning student do not guarantee admission to a program.  In general, up to six (6) graduate credit hours elected as a graduate Lifelong Learning student may apply toward a UM-Flint graduate degree. 

Graduate Lifelong Learning admission is for one term only.  Students who wish to enroll in a future term as a graduate Lifelong Learning student must submit another Application for Graduate Lifelong Learning or Guest Admission and receive course approvals.