Mission and Vision


The mission of the UM – Flint Physical Therapy Department is to improve human movement and function, promote health and well-being, and enhance individual’s ability to participate in and contribute to society by advancing the practice of physical therapy.



We accomplish our mission by:


  • Preparing highly skilled physical therapists with the knowledge, skills and professional judgment to practice in a wide range of practice settings, use evidence-based decision making in their clinical practice, engage in continuous professional development, and function with a well-developed sense of professionalism and social responsibility in an evolving, culturally diverse, interdisciplinary system;


  • Conducting research and scholarly activities that advance the evidence-based practice of physical therapy and inform the education of practitioners;


  • Providing post-professional degree programs and continuing professional education supporting lifelong learning and professional advancement;


  • Preparing the next generation of researchers and teachers to advance the practice of physical therapy; and


  • Engaging with the multiple communities we serve and our profession to improve access to healthcare and physical therapy services.



Our work is guided by the following principles:


  • Act with professional and ethical responsibility.  (Professional duty, Integrity, Responsibility)


  • Foster environments for collaboration, diversity, service, and accountability.  (Accountability)


  • Act with caring and compassion.  (Caring and Compassion)


  • Support and reward excellence and innovation.  (Excellence)


  • Create competencies for lifelong learning.  (Continuing Competence)


  • Use evidence-based decision making in all physical therapist practice.


  • Advocate for patient-centered care, access and equity.  (Altruism)


  • Service to benefit our community and our profession.  (Social Responsibility, Professional Duty)