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Admission Requirements


• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited institution in the United States or its equivalent in another country

• Physical Therapy license or registration (or equivalent)

• Overall 3.0 GPA or higher (4.0 scale) in the physical therapy degree

• Current CPR certification (or equivalent) [if applying to a clinical specialization]

The Graduate Admission Office is ready to answer any questions and lend a hand with applying to the t-DPT program.


Previous Experience

Credit for previous experience

The University of Michigan-Flint will award credit for
previous experience based on the American Physical
Therapy Association's Physical Therapist Evaluation Tool ( PTET ).
The following is a checklist for requesting the PTET provided
by APTA. The PTET is REQUIRED for admission consideration
to the t-DPT program.  The PTET is not required for the
clinical concentrations or PT Clinical Certificate Programs.  
Students should be aware that they will receive a summary
report from the credentialing service while the
University of Michigan-Flint will receive a detailed analysis. 

Credentialing Services, Inc (CSI), for the PTET
application packet, including application,
Op-Scan answer sheet, and return-mail envelope.

Credentialing Services, Inc.

PO Box 1502

Galesburg, IL 61402-1502.

Phone: 309.343.1202 Fax: 309.344.1715

Upon receipt, complete the application
(Portfolio and Task Performed Components);use the Op-Scan
answer sheet with the Tasks Performed section. 
Answer all questions in both components; an incomplete
application cannot be processed. If you are taking advantage
of the member fee, include proof of membership. Submit
membership number, membership expiration date, and a copy of
your membership card (all three items are required.)

Fill out the Fee section. Make check or money order payable
to APTA in the amount of the designated fee.

              APTA Member Fee $400
              Nonmember Fee $700
              Each Additional Program Report $55

Return the completed printed application (including any attachments),
the completed answer sheet, a copy of your physical therapist
license, and full payment using the return-mail envelope provided by CSI.


Applications are evaluated on a rolling admission basis meaning
it is to your advantage to submit your materials as soon as they
are completed. Your application is reviewed and an enrollment
decision made once all required application materials are submitted.
Course size is limited.

Guidelines for previous experience and transfer credit:

A minimum of 12 credits must be taken at UM-Flint to earn a t-DPT.

You may receive 6 credits for an APTA Specialist Certification,
or 1 credit for completion of the APTA Clinical Instructor Credentialing
and Education Program.

UM-Flint will allow up to 3 credits to be awarded at the time
of program admission for continuing education coursework. 
One elective credit may be awarded for each 20 continuing
education contact hours (1 CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours). 
Only continuing education coursework completed within the
past 5 years will be eligible. Students must provide written request
and documentation of course participation for elective credits to be awarded.

Special requests may be made for credit for teaching experience
or publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

You may request a maximum of 12 credits to be waived based on
graduate-level coursework completed at another accredited institution
and/or post-professional continuing education [see above]. To be eligible
for consideration, graduate coursework must have been completed within
the last 7 years and you must have received a B grade or better in the course.

Transfer Credits

Students who wish to transfer graduate credits into the t-DPT program
must request transfer credits be applied to the transcript within the first
7 weeks of enrollment in the program.

It is highly recommended that students wishing to take graduate
courses at another institution while in UM-Flint's t-DPT program
seek official graduate school review of transfer of credits in writing BEFORE
taking the class.  Transferring graduate credits into the t-DPT program is
done at the discretion of the program and the graduate school.  Official
transcripts must be sent to the graduate school before transfer credit is approved.


Post-Professional t-DPT Degree Requirements

  • Degree candidates must attain an overall grade point average of 3.0 "B" or higher and no course grade below "C".
  • Students must complete 24 credits. The number of credits required to complete the Online Post-Professional t-DPT program depends on your educational background. Generally, master's-prepared, licensed PTs can complete the online Post-Professional t-DPT program taking 7 to 9 courses. Baccalaureate-prepared, licensed PTs can complete the program taking 9 to 15 courses, depending on prior experience. UM-Flint’s Post-Professional t-DPT program is consistent with guidelines set by the APTA and offers courses relevant to advance clinical practice. The program recognizes the contribution experience plays in developing physical therapy leaders and presents courses with immediate applicability to real world practice. Topics may include neuroscience, pharmacology, radiology, primary care and differential diagnosis, advanced clinical decision-making, teaching, learning, pediatrics, geriatrics, health education and wellness promotion.
  • All requirements must be completed within three years from the time of initial acceptance. Your plan of study (learning contract) is established by the review of the Physical Therapist Evaluation Tool (PTET) and your official transcripts.
  • Up to two courses (6-8 credits) may be substituted based on previous coursework. UM-Flint MPT Graduates may possibly substitute up to three courses or 12 credit hours. 
  • The Service Learning Practicum (PTP 694 and 794) and Case Study Capstone (PTP 761) may not be waived by any student.
  • In extreme circumstances, students may petition for a leave of absence from the program and be allowed to continue later on a space available basis. An example of extreme circumstances would be a serious medical problem. See Post-Professional Programs Leave of Absence Policy in the On-Line Post-Professional Handbook.

Application for Graduate Admission

Apply online or with a paper application

Application fee (non-refundable) payable to the University of Michigan-Flint

Copy of current Physical Therapy license issued in the United States or Canada (If license has lapsed, submit a copy of most recent license.)
Official transcript from the institution where the baccalaureate degree was earned and from the institution where the Physical Therapy degree was earned (if different from the college of the baccalaureate degree)
Report from the Physical Therapist Evaluation Tool (PTET) through the American Physical Therapy Association

Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can evaluate the applicant's scholarly and/or professional ability

International students must submit additional documentation

Copy of Educational Credential Review if educated outside the United States: FCCPT recommended for those licensed in the U.S. or Canada; all others may use an appropriate service such as FCCPT, ECE, or WES

English Proficiency

Following receipt of all application materials, the Department of Physical Therapy may schedule a brief telephone interview to discuss the applicant's educational goals and learning objectives for the program.

Admissions file completion determines program start date.

Application Deadlines


To be considered for admission, an applicant must submit all application materials to the Office of Graduate Programs on or before the application deadline.

Fall*        May 1

Winter     Oct 1

Spring     March 1

*International students must apply by March 1 for the fall semester


Course Number Course Title Number of Credits Semester Offered
PTP 546 Pharmacology 3 Credits*
*2 credits starting Spring 2016
PTP 560 Foundations for Evidence Based Practice 2 Credits Starting
Spring 2016
PTP 581 Teaching, Learning & Health Education 2 Credits Spring
PTP 612 Neurosciences 2 Credits Winter
PTP 623 Introduction to Musculoskeletal Imaging 1 Credit Winter
PTP 624 Systems Review and Screening in Clinical Decision Making 2 Credits*
*3 credits starting Fall 2015
PTP 625 Advanced Medical Imaging for Diverse Patient Populations 1 Credit Spring
PTP 647 Examination and Intervention in Practice for Integument Conditions 2 Credits Fall*
*Winter starting Winter 2016
PTP 661 Literature Analysis in Evidence Based Practice 2 Credits Fall
PTP 694 Professional Service Learning 1 Credit Winter
PTP 732 Pediatric Examination and Intervention in Practice 3 Credits Fall
PTP 761 Evidence Based Practice 1 Credit Fall*
*Winter starting Winter 2016
PTP 770 Assistive Technologies 1 Credit Fall*
*Winter starting Winter 2016
PTP 783 Geriatrics in Practice 2 Credits Spring
PTP 792 Management in PT Practice 3 Credits Winter*
*Fall starting Fall 2015