Post-Professional Physical Therapy Education at the University of Michigan-Flint

The Physical Therapy Department offers several post-professional programs for practicing PT's!


Bridge the gap between your current degree and a Doctor of Physical Therapy ...ONLINE!
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PhD in Physical Therapy

Prepare for a rewarding career in physical therapy education and research

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Note:  Currently, only UM-Flint DPT and Certificate/Residency students and alumni are eligible.

Certificate and Residency Programs

Clinical Certificate - Prepare to sit for ABPTS Clinical Specialization

Residency - Achieve clinical excellence through mentored, advanced clinical practice

Choose from Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Neurology or Orthopedics


Lifelong Learning (Non-Candidate for Degree/Guest Students (NCFD)

Need credit for licensure?
Need a course to be credentialed for licensure in the USA?
Not sure online learning is for you?  Take a course and find out!

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Prepare for a rewarding career in physical therapy and health care administration or management of physical therapy private practice

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CAPTE Statement

Expectation that institutions clearly indicate on their website
and other public information that programs not subject to
CAPTE accreditation are not accredited by CAPTE. [§8.19(3)]